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Sillyventure 2013


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The organizers of the Sillyventure 2013 party (which takes place in Poland) are looking for Jaguar entries to commemorate the console's 20th birthday :

Dear Jaguar fans !


I am organiser of Silly Venture 2k13 - the biggeST atari demoscene event in Poland, gathering up to 150 atarians from all over the Europe - France, England, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Czech and Poland. This year we will celebrate 20th birthday of Atari Jaguar. Due to this special occasion, we want to focus especially on this system - last atari's venture into the hardware market. That's why you can enjoy the

. If You would like to support us (and this system) and make it very special Jaguar birthday - send us Your intro, demo or game for competitions! For more infos take a look at our official SV2k13 website:




And click "COMPOS" button to read competition rules or "CONTACT" to ask me for more details.


Best regards,


Grey / Mystic Bytes

SV2k13 organiser


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