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Getting back into Jag dev


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Hey everybody!


I'm finally getting back into Jag dev again and ran into a problem with my old code.

The GPU creates the object list that is then copied each VBL. The OP only uses the copy.

However when the GPU doesn't build a new list, things get odd.

Only the first Object is displayed, even though the whole list is copied.


I'm not sure what the problem is.


I did a little test program. The GPU creates an object list with three bitmap objects (not to mention the branch and stop objects to keep things going.

The list is copied to the location from which the OP fetches its list. Things work fine.


After a while I put the 68k in an endless loop. The GPU doesn't build a new list anymore. The VBL catches on and copies the existing list as it did before.

However now only one bitmap is visible.


I'm confused. Maybe somebody who knows his object stuff can take a look at my code.

Here is the link: Object Test

That would be great! :) I'd really like to know what's wrong.




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Just got it fixed already. :-)

Thanks to Linkovitch and Lawrence Staveley.


I wasn't aware that the OP List Link adresses that were created by the GPU routine were not relative and pointing at the wrong location.


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