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Old JagCD 3D anaglyph test


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It looks like the download doesn't complete properly in some conditions (seems to happen with Firefox, but not Opera).


Before burning, check the file size : it should be 269,056,893 bytes exactly.

If it isn't, try downloading the file again using a different browser.


Sorry, I've got no idea why this happens... <_<

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Hi, there,

This is my first post and I was wondering. I tried downloading the CDI linked here, and I can only download 138 MB of the file. You were saying that it is supposed to 256 MB, correct? I even tried downloading it in Opera web browser. It showed the same size on Opera: 138 MB. Is there an issue with the file and certain browsers? That is the message that I am getting here. I really would like to try this out on my Jag CD. Can I get some advice here? Thanks.

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