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Announcement Of The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2008

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Announcement of the Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2008


The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival short "e-jagfest" will take place in Kaarst this year on November 15th.


The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival is an annual event for all Atari Jaguar and Lynx Fans as well as developers and retailers of Europe. All open-minded fans of other videogame systems are of course welcome too.


Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2008

The Atari Jaguar Europe Festival short "e-jagfest" will take place in Kaarst, on 15th november this year. It's a meeting of Videogame fans from all over Europe.

The center of attention of course is Atari and ist game consoles. All of you, who want to join friends and enjoy playing Jaguar, Lynx, VCS 2600, 5200, 7800 or homecomputers of the 80s, has found just the right place.


Next to the classic originals, you can also see many modified systems as well. Have you ever tried a selfmade VCS 2600 handeld system with analogue controls? Ever played a match of "Worms" on a with love repainted silver/blue Jaguar or ever enjoyed playing Tempest with a true "Tempest Rotary controller"? These are just a few examples of what past years had to offer.


Of course all other classic consoles are very welcome too. In the past we regularly had NUON setups with games such as Iron Solider 3 and Tempest 3000 among other exotic systems.

Playing games is just one part of the event though. Homebrew developers from all over the world use the chance to show off their latest developments on the fest and offer exclusive releases for sale.

In the past years you could find limited e-jagfest releases of Starcat's "Jag Mind: Bomb Squad" for the Jaguar CD, as well as other Starcat Developments releases. New VCS 2600 releases such as "Raster Fahndung" and "Encaved" were shown as well. Developer Matthias Domin was also often guest on our events and showed off different demos and games.


We still enjoy remembering last year's Europe premiere of the "Jaguar Virtual Reality Headset". Gaztee from England, proud owner of one of only two existing and working prototypes of the never released Jag VR-Headsets joined us as guest.


Some people have the luck of owning a rare prototype game. A great chance to show it on the event and talk about it as well as just using the chance of playing it.

We also offer the rare opportunity of playing "Battlesphere" networked and thus playing one of the rarest and best Jaguar games, which can be played "theoretically" with up to 16 people.

Four player duels using the lynx have also become a very popular part of the event. Smaller competitions and cups, such as "Club Drive" or "Kasumi Ninja" create a great retro atmosphere.

We also hold the official European Championship of Checkered Flag for the Lynx each year. In previous years there also was always at least one retailer present to offer new and used games for the Jaguar and other retro systems for sale.


Additional highlights of this year's event:


For the first time, we will hold the Jaguar Worms European Championship on this year's event.

This Challenge used to be part of the Jagfest UK, which is not taking place this year sadly.

So it was moved to e-jagfest this year. Get the Cup and become European Champion!

Of course there will again be the traditional European Championship in Checkered Flag on the Lynx.

There will be a cup of "Grenzüberschreitung" for the Falcon 030. It's a game based on a variation of Tron, a game written by Thorsten Butschke for the e-jagfest competitions.


The ex "Eclipse Software" employee Dan Hericks (Iron Solider 1&2) will show screenshots of previously unreleased Jaguar projects. Don't miss this exciting chance.


Regarding retailers, Nick Harlow of "16/32 Systems" will finally be guest again after two years in which we all missed him. We also expect "Sijmen and Sandra Schouten" of Atari-Shop, who will also offer games for sale.


This list of course is not yet complete, everybody who has something to show is welcome to attend. You do not need to let us know in advance, but of course this would be very kind, to make planning easier.


You can be sure, boredom is not part of our vocabulary on e-jagfest! Everybody who wants to enjoy a great time with friends or wants to enjoy retro games should use the chance and drop by. You are very welcome!


Even if you don't own an Atari system yet, no problem! Just bring your favorite classic system with you or just drop by to enjoy the systems installed. We will find a place for you.


This year's event is already the eighth in total and the fifth in a row in Kaarst, Germany.


Entry is on 15th November on 10:30 in the morning. Entrance fee is 5 euro.


More information on: Atari Jaguar Europe Festival Page

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