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Jaguar (and Lynx) Future Purchasing Survey


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Hi GT,


Hi Great idea,

But in some case i wanted to check two box and you can't.

For example JagCF like a development kit and for playing homebrews.

Well there's always some element of that in a survey.

However, I figure a hobby developer also likes playing home-brew games,

so at the end of the day you have to decide what is the purchase motivation.

For me, also, there was both. I only like developing, because I enjoy playing!



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Hi all,


It seems that as a Jaguar and Lynx fan and owner, I may be in the minority.


Will Jag/Lyxn fans take a moment to follow the link and complete the following survey?





You're not in minority JustClaws :) I'm also Jaguar and Lynx fan and owner of two (already voted on JSII)

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