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Skunkboard production batch. Declare list.

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Skunkboard production batch.

Declare list.




As I promissed on SillyVenture 2013, I will manufacture a batch of SkunkBoards.

To start the batch, I need minimum 100 declarations of buy. (25 at This Moment)


Price will be €65 (ca. $91 atm) + shipping, if you declare buy until deadline: 23.03.2014.

And €75, if you will not declare and it will be something that was not sold.

The price is including VAT, and all taxes in EU.

If You live outside EU, Import duties may apply or something.


The license will be Donationware: Do you like it? - Donate to the designers.



This announce will be published on more places, so remember to put yourself only in one of them.




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