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  1. Jaguar On Blip.tv

    Hey all, Just letting you know that, in association with my site, I've started a broadcast on blip.tv: http://jaguar64.blip.tv/ I'll be posting game trailers and other Jaguar related video clips on there. Please feel free to submit your videos. They can be anything relating to the Jaguar: game trailers, video walk throughs, public addresses (by programmers or someone else making a Jaguar related announcement) and anything else jag related. Just send an e-mail to jaguar64site@gmail.com. I'll be making posts monthly in addition to any submissions made by others. Don't hesiatate to let me know if you want to submit! FYI: This will be going up on iTunes soon too, so be sure to subscribe!
  2. Free Advertising!

    Hey all, I've deicded instead of charging for my services to produce promo trailers for games, I'm going to offer it for free! Fir a community like this, free offers go a long way. The charge would be for time and effort, but it's better in my opinion to donate that time. To have a look at what I can do, I've decided to make new promos for some popular (pre-homebrew era) games for the Jag. I'll release a new one every month. This month look for Fight For Life! Not the best game, but I make it look cool I will post a link to it, and it'll be available on YouTube. Look out next month, for AVP! I have to say I think I did a pretty good job with that one, or at least how it's turning out. For all interested in having promos made: -Contact me via-PM -Discuss with me your game, what your intentions are with this promo -If it's a game already out and I have a copy, then that's easy, but if it isn't I'll buy one from you. (That's right, I won't take payment in a free game either!) -If you don't know what you want, I can put together a sample for you and you can decide if it looks good. -Give me any music you'd want featured in the promo ir tell me what music in your game I can/should use -Any other questions, just ask when you PM:) The FFL trailer will go up tomorrow. But here's the schedule: December 14th: Alien Vs Predator #1 December 21st: Alien Vs Predator #2 December: Secret Bonus Promo:) January 14th: Primal Rage Febuary 14th: Zero 5 March 14th: Tempest 2000 April 14th: Highlander: The Last of the Maclodes May 14th: Iron Soldier June 14th: Battlemorph June: Secret Bonus Promo:) July 14th: Doom & Jaglink August 14th: World Tour Racing September 14th: Wolfenstein 3-D October 14th: Iron Soldier II November 14th: Jaguar/Jaguar CD And these are just the monthly released promos, anyone who has a project and wants a trailer made, just let me know. I'll put it together to post on youtube and you can embed it wherever you want. If you want a DVD copy, I'll have to just charge for expenses, no more than a few bucks So if you've got something, PM me!
  3. Project Apocalypse

    Very cool, will this be a release on CD, Cart, or download?