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  1. Jam 8 Out

    Oups Sorry ! Thanks
  2. Jam 8 Out

    Hello ! I'm searching for a Jam 8 Out, anyone have a tip ? Thanks !
  3. Falcon on vga lcd

    Big thanks to all ! I buy it !
  4. Falcon on vga lcd

    DB15 or HD15 ?
  5. Falcon on vga lcd

    I live in France. Maybe i can build it, but i need to know how to connect DB19 and DB15.
  6. Falcon on vga lcd

    You're problably right, i need a VGA adapter. Where can i find one ?
  7. Falcon on vga lcd

    Hello, i want to connect my Falcon 030 on a LG Flatron L1953. I have to buy a DB19 to DB15 cable but i can't find one. Does anyone have a tip about this ? Thanks