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  1. Tutoriaux Sur Le Pixel - Pixels Tutorials

    I would love to see more tutorials regarding artwork for these old systems we seem to love. I've been working on a few things, but my skills are not up to par with professional game artists, though I am getting better with practice. One thing I'm curious about is animated sprites and how you make them look good in a game. So far, I've just been creating the sprites over a black background and then the programmer must toggle transparency on for the black. Are there easier ways to do it? It seems the Jaguar doesn't have a lot of options regarding transparencies. Can you specify a different color other than black to be the transparency? I've been working with SebRmv's image converter, which is fantastic. I asked him a while ago about possibly investigating the ability to keep transparency by converting from the PNG format or something similar. I'm sure that would be something useful, but maybe not. If your sprite is going to be in the foreground of differently colored backgrounds, is it best to have a separate version of the sprite for each background so they can be blended better?
  2. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    I'm interested in finding out more about your image converter. Are there any other features you plan on implementing? SebRmv has a great converter as well. I'm hoping he gets some time to look into transparency during the conversion process as well.
  3. The Removers'library Is Back

    Nice work on the library Seb. This is definitely something the Jaguar community needed. I hope you'll continue improving upon it when you can