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    Making Jaguar Cinepak movies at the moment ;)
  1. Tos Or Mint?

    Any news about that? Making the Jaguar a TOS machine would also be very nice...
  2. Welcome to the non-froggies people !!

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself I am atari fan from the first hour and own the Jaguar since 1994 (one of the first Jaguars in Germany was delivered to me). While my main interested focused on the Falcon over the last years (my last Jagfest was 2001 or so), I now finally found something I could do on the Jaguar (beside gaming what I always did *g*)... I encode movies to Jaguar Cinepak. It´s very interesting for me as I finally have a good reason to keep it in our living room (my wife is always asking why machine xy is needed *g*) Every year we have a medium sized Atari meeting (http://ofam.freehost.vg) where we always play some good Jaguar stuff! At the moment I play Brett Hull Hockey which is really great and I am hoping to get a skunkboard soon and maybe I start coding the Jaguar one day Thanks for your attention Chris
  3. Atari Bjl Uploader patched for CT 60 !!

    Thank you very much for providing this... I know it´s old (2k5), but as I now get some deeper in my Jaguar it´s really interesting for me! Best regards, Chris
  4. Jagcf Final Prototypes

    Looks very nice! Excellent layout, very professional! I hope it will be finished soon and therefor wish you all the best!
  5. Do The Same, First Pictures !!

    This game looks really nice! Thanks for releasing cool new stuff and I would be very happy when a download is available