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    Developer on Baldies Jaguar CD.
  1. Hi, I'll need a couple of days to squirrel out the cardboard box from it's storage area. I'll take some photos and note manual version etc. I think they were the latest as I was working at Atari right up to the day that they closed the doors. One of the guys who worked with me emailed me to say that he is preparing to post up manuals and devkits to EBay next week along with a big chunk of his retro collection (He is a scary hoarder...) All the best, Dave.
  2. Hi, Once upon a time I was a Jaguar developer locked in the basement of Atari, fed fillet of fish and asked to type GPU and 68K until the early hours of the morning. From those delightful times, in a cardboard box, there are manuals, devkits including the rather rare Jaguar CD devkit etc. Does anyone desire/need these items ? All the best, Dave.