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    Skills? Hmmm... Don't know really, I will type what I love doing: Playing Jaguar games, watching movies, dvd's and blu-ray's, reading sci-fi, thriller, horror and fantasy books. And I love also my Mac computer. ;)
  1. Merry Christmas !!

    And a Happy new Year :excl:
  2. New mouse project!

    Sounds great, I don't know how it should work on a Jaguar and what you can do with it... But I surly would like to have one for the Atari ST and maybe one for the Jag.
  3. Do The Same and Beebris : help sick children

    Lets make it 50,-
  4. Bjl And Mac

    Would be great to see this work on a Mac, mostly because I hate Windows computers... But there is also the Atari computer
  5. Bjl And Atari Falcon?

    After very busy days finally have some time. I received a BJL Loader Adapter, I think the cable has to change, but to what configuration, I don't know yet. Lets hope someone here knows. I still don't have a cable yet, not even had the time to buy some parts, the day I wanted to do that I was struck down with a migraine. <sigh> Thanks to GT Turbo I already received an Atari program for sending files to the Jag.
  6. Bjl And Atari Falcon?

    I'll try to buy tomorrow a cable and some parts, soldering time, if I get the time. Oh ehhh, I think I buy a normal parallel cable and go from that... Is this wise?
  7. Bjl And Atari Falcon?

    Thank you for the reply and information about building my own cable. And I don't like Windows PC's either. This is why for my internet stuff, I use a dual G4 Apple Mac playing games on the mac is just Medal of Honor, and the rest I use my Atari Jaguar and Lynx. But I love my Falcon and would gladly use it a bit more than I do now. BJL: I haven't tried it yet, with the BJL I got a small cd with programs on it, is there also a Falcon compatible program on that cd? I hope its easy to use...
  8. Bjl And Atari Falcon?

    Hello, I would like to use my BJL on the Jaguar and the Atari Falcon, is this possible? Because I still don't have a cable yet. What kind of cable do I need, Parallel to Parallel cross-wired ?