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    Downfall +

    Do you want to play Downfall but no 'No very reliable Jag CD ' ? So only one solution, play Downfall + !!!!
  2. Today is the day of D.T.S. Father !!!! Happy Birthday Matmook !!!!!!!!
  3. Merry Christmas to all Jaguar fans !! That means in few days a new year GT
  4. Hello, This time this is a pack formed by : Do the Same and Jagtopia (Thanks to our friends from Reboot, who gived some CD for helping children) Start price : 1 euro GT
  5. Fredifredo the french Super Burn Out lover !! It's your birthday today !! So Happy birthday FF !! GT
  6. A new section has been opened, for talking about homebrews. Homebrews done by Jagware members, by friends. Because Jagware is before all a board for Jaguar developpers, that like a gallery about all their creations, let's go to the Homebrews section GT Turbo
  7. It's perhaps time for talking about a new game, this game was done by our new member : Matmook, his first Jaguar game. Some screenshoots before : Thanks to Azrael for the photos. Yes, another game, before i will give some more infos, i need to take a shower More infos come in few hours. GT Turbo
  8. Je l'ai eu ce matin j'y croyais plus !! Le pauvre gars de la poste il a rien compris, je suis arrivé en courant et lui ais pris le colis des mains et suis reparti en courant !! Il me manque encore 2 interrupteurs et après je lance la machine, la nuit va etre blanche, je vais enfin pouvoir reprendre certains projets !! Le coding en mode turbo ENFIN !! Ce poste peut presque ètre considéré comme de la polution, mais je suis trop heureux. (Après quelques jours on demandera a RaZ de l'effacer !!) GT Un gamin qui vient de récuperer un jouet !!
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