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  1. Info & Link!

    Sounds good. Nice to see theres still work going on for the system. Are these games for purchase or download? What would you recommend for the Jaguar? I hear there were new games developed by songbird?
  2. Info & Link!

    OK thanks. Yeah I think ebay is the best bet. Im living in Germany at the moment. Ah if you ever get a facebook account be sure to join. Do you produce software here for the CD add on, or cartridges?
  3. Info & Link!

    Hey All. Anyone know where I can get a new Atari Jaguar from? Have you been successful on here making new games for the system? Thats really cool how you can do that. If anyone is on Facebook please see my group on the Jaguar & lynx: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10070200987 Thanks Huw