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  1. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    Eleven years or more is a short time for you? I like how I "have an attitude" whereas you completely ignored the question just to threaten me. I have been subject to abusive behavior by the AtariAge Moderators, and their minions, every time I signed in for the last 7 YEARS at AtariAge. My posts had to be approved by them so I had to wait a DAY or more to see IF any of my posts would be approved. The abusive PM's I got no one even knows about. Profanity and false accusations thrown at me in incidents I did not initiate. I'm told I even promised people something? *confused* It's about time I said something more publicly, instead of letting it slide, don't you think? I've been very accomodating to those people. I didn't swear at them. I've been holding my tongue an aweful long time and I think this little blurb being all I have to say on that topic is restraining myself quite a bit. Appretiate it's not more but it was a side note. Now stop. The question was: what happended to Jaguar Sector II? Why is this reddit our replacement for Jaguar Sector II? I couldn't sign in. I'll have to try some other time but it doesn't look anything like JS2 used to. If you're going to jump on me, at least answer the questions or have something useful to say, aye? :MegaData: (I miss my air-guitar icon)
  2. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    Pretty obvious I'm not going to get any news from Atari Age. (Banned for catching Albert promoting piracy.) So... drum roll... what happened? :MegaData: (JSII Icon Goes Here)
  3. Virtual Teams

    NATIVE SPIRIT Rev003 download in ZIP format has been made available May 24th, 2009. ======= CHANGES ======= MERCURY, VENUS, EARTH, & MARS updated model scale, detail, & axis tilt Updated TITLE splash screen for REV003 graphics Updated SCOREBOARD continue for REV003 graphics Removed original enemies for temporary starship model PYROTECH uses new explosion for ASTEROIDS MTYPEJKD, STYPEJKD, & CTYPEJKD Asteroids added TR2 & TR3 original PYROTECH debris removed TEILBAR pop-up extinguished QUAGAAR 3 / HANGER 18 CRYOCHAMBER added Added working JUPITER (small top level problem) SATURN image size continues to be troublesome… RYLOS placeholder remains Changed introduction credits and reformatted screen width/centering Enemies placed in more dead space. Nine month revision timeline has been broken. Approximately 9 images per update remains. Native Spirit Forums also remain private. http://nativespirit.sf.net
  4. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    If lo_inp supports Windows NT/2000/XP, it does not support Windows 95/98 then?
  5. Virtual Teams

    If the software keeps track of changes, couldn't someone simply run one of these programs on the downloads? Why should I use either of them to create another download? I'm not sure I really understand the purpose. Would there be any difference in me using the software than someone else? (Currently no one else has made any code changes.) Rev002 went online January 1, 2008... in case anyone missed it.
  6. Virtual Teams

    Both are available on SF.net and neither has been used at this time. Has anyone used CVS and Subversion? I'd be interested in examples of what someone liked for one over the other...
  7. Virtual Teams

    I'm looking at the end of December for the next revision...
  8. Virtual Teams

    NATIVE SPIRIT source code went online March 28th, 2007. Forums are also active. http://nativespirit.sourceforge.net I hope there will be more collaboration with future releases.
  9. Virtual Teams

    5 projects must keep you busy! Would you be available in the near future for any small amount of time, or could you let me know when you are able to contribute? At the moment, I don't think CVS is necessary, being the only coder. That may change when a team is assembled.
  10. Virtual Teams

    If anyone here is interested in working on Native source in an online team fashion for the Atari Jaguar, please get back to me. I am trying to find enough interest to create a team and this is an open invitation to anyone interested. Also, I would like to know any input on how to set up a "Virtual Team," if anyone has experience... knows of websites with examples... what worked and what did not? I've been reading up on the subject and have some ideas how to go about it, but it's always good to know what other people are thinking too.