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  1. Since I'm pretty new to the whole homebrew scene, my technical knowledge of the Jag's hardware is pretty minimal. SO my question is, what are the limitations on the jag Sprite wise? How many sprites per scan line, how many colors per palette and more importantly how much memory is generally allocated for sprite usage? (meaning.. how big can a sprite be (tiling or not) and how many sprites can be loaded at a time?). I just got my Jag BJL capable and built a cable so I wanna begin to experiment Thanks in advance!
  2. Shooter Concept

    Since I'm finally getting around to getting a BJL capable jag I'll have to look into that hah hah, but currently I think I'm only capable of the graphics side for any Jag developments, though I really wanna learn how to get things running on the jag.
  3. Shooter Concept

    Well I was having issues getting it to make a viable stand alone app.. it crashes right after the title screen But I have been able to make an internet app version which does work but it requires the Vitalize plugin. http://student1.lycoming.edu/~alematt/game...ed_shooter.html I think the parallax scrolling is the best part of the background layout
  4. Matthias Is Back And Doom Too !!

    Thats great but I really wanna know how he got past the unusual WAD file used by Jag Doom, I hope he will share I use to do alot of wad authoring on the PC and with the Jag Source available and somebody finally cracking the wad problem opens alot of doors
  5. Shooter Concept

    Been working on this game but since my programming skill is rather limited I've utilized Multimedia Fusion to bring my games to life, I think it'd work nicely on the Jag or any other console if I ever get the hang of coding. It's odd and quirky but I like it hah hah, yet untitled though Looking to see what others may think of it.
  6. High Res Graphics On The Jaguar

    Is this even possible with existing software without distortion? Now HD capable software for the jaguar sounds amazing.
  7. Project Apocalypse

    I have to agree, very nice work so far. Are you gonna get any video captures? Still pictures are good and all but seeing it in motion would be cool. I dunno if it's been discussed before but what kind of graphic effects have you been able to pull out of the Jag? (i.e. Scaling, Layers of Parallax, etc...)