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  1. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Hello Zerosquare and Orion, thanks for your fast replies! Kind regards Matthias
  2. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Hello! Have these prices changed in the meantime? Kind regards Matthias
  3. Cinepak test on Windows 7

    Hello all! I stopped working with Cinepak movies for my projects years ago when i learned that i wasn't able to create movies where picture and audio keeps in sync during play. Most of my results were, that after some moments the audio was off about 1 second (but kept this lag), and i was not the only one with this problem. While trying to find the reason for this Scott updated his Windows tool several times but it didn't help me too much (in regards to the said out-of-sync problem). What are your experiences? Kind regards Matthias
  4. Alternative to serial port?

    Hello! If necessary someone could recreate these tools easily. Yeah, that's the problem, there was no standard program anymore, so i kept the old HyperTerminal screenshots as a reference. You might be able to change the COM-port number in the driver's .INF file or the Registry (or whereever it is stored nowadays). But the COM-port number should be irrelevant because a good Terminal-software should enumerate all possible ports and not just 1-n. No, sorry. That's right But sometimes i forget the Username/Password combo for Jagware... Bye! Matthias
  5. Impulse

    Thanks for the hint, i fixed the link. Matthias
  6. Impulse

    Hello all! If you own the CD-version of Impulse X and a MemoryTrack (and some cables, a Windows-PC,..) you can now read up some info on how to make backups of your "Selfcreated Levels" and how to restore them on your MemoryTrack: http://www.mdgames.de/impulsexselfcreatedlevels_eng.html. So you can also start to exchange your level set MT-files with other Impulse X users now Kind regards Matthias
  7. Impulse

    Hello all! Although the game doesn't require it, some of you expressed their wish of having a joypad overlay for Impulse X, so i am now providing a link for downloading such graphics at the end of my Impulse X webpage. Merry christmas! Matthias
  8. Impulse

    Hello, just a few days ago i have uploaded the webpage with ordering info for the cartridge version of Impulse X. The game can either be purchased from me (Germany), 16/32 sytems in the United Kingdom or Console5.com in USA. Meanwhile (after the official release last weekend during Euro-Jagfest) i have tried to get in contact with (almost) all of you who asked to get on my Excel-list to get the cartridge reserved. @Those who got an entry on that list confirmed: Please get in contact with me if you are still interested purchasing it from me or if you already have bought it from one of the said vendors. Thanks in advance! Best regards Matthias
  9. Impulse

    Hello! To those who stated their interest in getting a cartridge of Impulse X: Please tell me if you want to pick up the cartridge during Euro-Jagfest in Duisburg on next saturday, so i know how many copies i need to bring along. Thanks in advance! Matthias
  10. Impulse

    Hello! Today i have put labels on a first pile of Impulse X cartridges, see attached photo. Kind regards Matthias
  11. Impulse

    Hello, i am sorry for the delay of the cartridge version of Impulse X, but i am happy to tell you that i have started assembling the PCBs for the cartridges. The release will happen during the Euro-Jagfest 2013. Kind regards Matthias PS: Attached is a photo showing some of the Impulse X Eproms.
  12. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    Hello! You just need a simple 9pin-to-15pin-adaptor, a description with software can be found on my Jaguar-page: http://www.mdgames.de/jag_eng.htm Kind regards Matthias
  13. Two Reboot games available as free downloads

    This is great! Thanks a lot! Matthias
  14. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    Hello all! My excuse is: At the time when the mentioned workaround was discussed i only had one JagLink as i had forwarded the second to another developer, but then i bought a new JagLink package from Nick at Euro-Jagfest 2011, but focussed on getting Impulse X released (and this job is still not finished). Best regards Matthias
  15. 2011, year of releases ?

    Hello Gunstar! No, Clicks! isn't released yet, because as you already said, the release of Impulse X was delayed (and still is for the cartridge version). But you also got a lot of new games in 2012 as free downloads, plus 'BlackOut' and 'Kobajashi Maru final' Bye! Matthias
  16. Impulse

    Hello! Glad to hear that you like my product Also great to hear who won one of the 2 copies i had sent towards Gdansk! Kind regards Matthias
  17. Impulse

    Hello! Yeah, sorry. I didn't install the page with ordering information as i haven't completed the negotation with a US-vendor by now. But the conditions will be similar to those for DoubleFeature#1, and if you look at the DF#1-page, it just says "for a purchase from Matthias directly: email him." (or send me a PM) anyways. Just have put the page with ordering info for the Impulse X CD online. BTW: To those who already have the game: Please don't be shy, post your webcodes with your scores! Kind regards Matthias
  18. Impulse

    Hello! Yeah, sorry. I didn't install the page with ordering information as i haven't completed the negotation with a US-vendor by now. But the conditions will be similar to those for DoubleFeature#1, and if you look at the DF#1-page, it just says "for a purchase from Matthias directly: email him." (or send me a PM) anyways. Cartridge will be about 60 Euro, plus shipping. Kind regards Matthias
  19. JagView - A utility for displaying *.bmp files

    Hello! Congrats on creating and releasing this tool, but when i saw the thread-title i thought it was about the Windows-based JagView-tool that was released 12 years ago by a polish developer and that allows to view the graphics (CRY or RGB) in a Jaguar binary. May i suggest that you change the name of your tool before it is widely spread? Kind regards Matthias
  20. Forcing 60 Hz mode on PAL Jaguars

    Hello! But the way you have listed it (values and named registers in one line) makes it much easier to understand Kind regards Matthias
  21. Forcing 60 Hz mode on PAL Jaguars

    Hello, there are example sourcefiles for this in the JagServer DevKit, filenames are 50HZ.S and 60HZ.S Bye! Matthias
  22. Burning Eproms

    Hello! it isnt actually.... its defined within the cart loader program... Although the OLP-register is a full 32bit-Register, the Link-adresses contained in the objects are only 19+3 bits wide, therefore all of these linked objects need to be placed within the lower 4MB of the Jaguars address space. This might indicate that this restriction is true for the very first object as well, which would mean that the object-list always needs to be placed in RAM. About the method to set a new object-list address into OLP: Using the 68000 for this is no problem as long as the writes of the two 16bit-words isn't interrupted, but using a RISC processor is more safe. Here is some code i got from Bastian Schick that initializes (and shuts down) everything, you can see that the STOP-object is placed at a free memory loacation (address $0): INIT: move #$2700,sr lea $1000.w,sp lea $F00000,a0 move.l #$070007,d0 ; big endian move.l d0,$210C(a0) move.l d0,$F1A10C moveq #0,d0 move.l d0,$2114(a0) ; stop gpu move.l d0,$f1a114 ; stop dsp move.l d0,$2100(a0) ; disable GPU-IRQs ; disable DSP-IRQs bra goon2 move.l #%10001111100000000,$f1a100 move.l #%111111<<8,$f10020 ; clear and disable IRQs goon2: move.l d0,0.w moveq #4,d0 move.l d0,4.w moveq #0,d0 move.l d0,$20(a0) ; set OP to STOP-OBJECT move.w d0,$26(a0) ; clear OP-Flag move.l d0,$2A(a0) ; border black move.w d0,$56(a0) ; set CRY mode to color/not BW move.w d0,$58(a0) ; background black move.l d0,$50(a0) ; stop PIT move.l d0,$f10000 ; stop JPIT1 move.l d0,$f10004 ; stop JPIT2 move.l #$1F00<<16,$E0(a0) ; clear pending irqs move.w #$7fff,$4e(a0) ; no VI lea dummy_irq(pc),a0 move.l a0,$0100.w bra.s INIT1 dummy_irq: move.l #$1f00<<16,$f000e0 rte INIT1: moveq #0,d0 moveq #0,d1 moveq #0,d2 moveq #0,d3 moveq #0,d4 moveq #0,d5 moveq #0,d6 moveq #0,d7 move.l d0,a0 move.l d0,a1 move.l d0,a2 move.l d0,a3 move.l d0,a4 move.l d0,a5 move.l d0,a6 move.l a0,usp After this, you are free to start up the Jaguar again Kind regards Matthias
  23. Burning Eproms

    Is the bit for showing the spinning cube set in that universal header? If so: Does the screen go black immediatelly after booting the Jaguar or does the cube show up and the screen wents black after it? Bye! Matthias
  24. Burning Eproms

    Hello! A stable black screen is a bit unusual, it could just indicate, that your program does a wrong video-initialization. (But i have no experience with a STUBulated Jaguar) To check if the whole process of creating the Eprom-content is correct i suggest that you use a ROM-dump of an commercial game and treat it as you did with your own game-program. Sounds ok for me, but what is the databus-width setting of the "univ.k3"-file? Even if you mix them up you can check this out easily by swapping the 2 EPROMs. As said above, your process-hanlding sounds ok for me. Kind regards Matthias
  25. Blitting

    Hello, here is what i do when i blitt the char-set letters into the canvas: ; set up for transparent blit!!! moveq.l #0,d0 move.l d0,B_PATD ; Isn't B_PATD a WORD-register? Or a PHRASE? move.l #0,d0 move.l d0,B_PATD+4; Isn't B_PATD a WORD-register? Or a PHRASE? move.l #SRCEN|UPDA1|UPDA2|LFU_REPLACE|DCOMPEN,B_CMD For complete overwritting, i simply leave out the setting of B_PATD and the DCOMPEN-flag. Kind regards Matthias