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  1. Old JagCD 3D anaglyph test

    2 years ago I made some tests to create 3D anaglyph video for Jaguar CD, last week I tested the Skunkboard encrypted tool made by Reboot ... The release date was Christmas 2010... First video is on 2D and 2nd in 3D http://www.jagware.org/jag_uploads/PangeaCpak.cdi
  2. Happy New Year 2016

    Hello ! Happy New Year 2016
  3. What a great day !!!!

    Happy birthday
  4. Hello!

  5. my first post

    Bienvenue sur ce forum
  6. Virtual Jaguar

    I got a question aswell too are there any new updates for VJ because my Brett Hull Hockey rom doesn't work on it !
  7. Jaguar CD development

  8. Jaguar CD development

  9. SCPCD-day

    Happy Birthday two you
  10. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Happy Birthday
  11. Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year for all the Jaguar fans and Jagware members
  12. Happy Christmas !!!!

    Joyeux Noël à tous Merry Christmas
  13. What a great day !!!!

    Re Bon Anniv
  14. New Jaguar graphics convertor (Windows)

    Can't start it in windows mode on my computer : CORE_RL_wand_.dll is missing
  15. Happy Birthday sh3-rg

    Happy Birthday
  16. A.C. 2013

    Hi everybody Welcome in France JHL13 Ultimate Demo for AC 2013 is available in the private area ...
  17. Please remove it !!

    Bon Anniv Pour l'année de tes 35 ans c'est toi qui va nous faire un cadeau
  18. A new jaguar fan is born !

    Hi everybody ! My daughter is born yesterday at 7:46 AM : Maëlie 46 cm and 3,180 kg
  19. A new jaguar fan is born !

  20. Impulse

    It's a very good game ! A fun present for Christmas !
  21. Old JagCD 3D anaglyph test

    I hope the iso work fine, yesterday I try to burn an other one with the file come from Jagware and it crashs !!! I don't know where is the problem , my CD Burner ? The file ( I will cry ) ? my cd-r ? Discjuggler ?
  22. Matmook's day !!

    Bon Anniv
  23. (3) Zero ?!

    Happy Birthday ...Sorry ... too late ...
  24. Hum........

    Happy Birthday
  25. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Bon Anniv