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  1. You are right, the Macs never had a parallel port, and i'm almost sure that the mini mac don't have a internal pci slot (not enought space)


    JagCF looks great, but i think that the catnip project is a must for modern computers if you can't buy a JagCF.


    Anyway first I must but the computer...

  2. Hi, my PC died somedays ago and i'm thinking in buying a Mac Mini (or Mini Mac :unsure: ), just because i always hated PC and windows vista is comming...


    Someone have tried to upload something to the jaguar with a mac? or with a PC but ussing some USB -> Parallel converter.


    I remember the catnip project (usb to jaguar), it's working, finished, canceled...?



    swap d0

  3. Hi, anybody have tried to build a cable to connect a jaguar using dsp interface to a serial rs232 port?


    Is this possible? I think that having a bidirectional communication with the jaguar is a must for easy development. I've coded some routines to use the BJL as bidirectional port but they are very slow and buggy.


    swap d0


  4. Hi, I've been looking at ALN fileformat and have some questions.


    Imagine that you that you've this code.

        .org $4000
        lea foo,a0
        lea bar,a1
    foo .dc.w 0
    bar .dc.w 1

    If you generate a binary output, you'll have something like this

        .org $4000
        lea $4000+14,a0       // 6 bytes
        lea $4000+16,a1       // 6 bytes
        rts                   // 2 bytes
    foo .dc.w 0
    bar .dc.w 1

    But on ALN file format, are the offsets $0 relative for object files?


    Second question, data and bss sections must be moved to the end of each object file? If you are linking some files data and bss sections must be moved at the end of the output? I think that Genst works like this.


    If this is true, then this code is wrong. Isn't it?

        .extern foo
        move.w foo(a0),d0    // illegal because offset can be .l
        move.w bar(a0),d0    // illegal because bar will be moved, and offset can be bigger than .w
    bar .dc.w 0



  5. hi there seb,


    in fact i missed your "announcement", but this is truly cool news, i'm gonna try it out.

    did you happen to talk about this with with swapd0? i mean he could "easily" incorporate support for gnu like objects into JAS and we would finally have a modern SDK.




    I wanna rewrite the linker part to make it more general and C++ way, then it would be easy to include other objects file formats...

  6. how's swapd0 work on the jaguar GPU/DSP/68k assembler progressing, i haven't talked to him in a while. he also mentioned he had some (vague) plans for developing a 68k C compiler suiting his assembler package, but if i got him right he said that he wanted to finish JAS completely beforehand and he had some issues with C's typecasting rules because he could not find any info on that.


    Lately i'm a bit lazy... I have some ideas in mind to include into jas, like a "module" directive that will work like namespaces in C++, i wanna include this, because coding my game for Jagcode i had to put labels like gpuFoo, dspFoo, so i think that is better to include them into a module and write something like "moduleName".XXX.


    About C compiler, I found the info and it works like I thought. When you write an expression is converted to the "bigest" type, and if you assign it to a smaller one, it warns.


    Hope to code soon, and finish my jagcode game :rolleyes:


    Also i wanna fix the polygon routine( :angry: ) to continue with the Frontier Project, the 68000 version works, but the GPU one... :angry:

  7. maybe not ;)

    ok, let me discover a bit myself: I use ALN to link assembler files with C files (cross gcc generated, only 68k)

    so, if your linker is able to do this, perfect !

    :unsure: well I think than I got old BSD format somewhere (thanks ray) maybe it's time to have a look...

  8. Just one question: does jas produce object files compatible with ALN ?

    Sorry for being a bit late...

    For now, jas uses my own object file format, I've some docs about COFF?? or ALN?? object file format, but it's more complex.


    Now i'm a bit lazy but, I wanna code a linker to use with jas objects files


    to include a object file into a source file use .link directive like this

    -- main.s --
        bsr xx
    op  .link "op.o"    // object processor routines
    -- this is in op.s --
        .public xx      // to export xx symbol
        .public yy

  9. Hi everybody, i've fixed the macro bug, and now you can write things like this:


    foo .macro size
        movei #$10000+\size,r0
    foo .endm
       foo 256

    argh! crap code :P


    Now macros works like in most assemblers (syntax replace), remember to put '\' before a macro parameter, and that labels into a macro must be declared as local.


    I hope that this is the last time that I fix it :lol:


  10. Very interesting, it should be great to have a list of all GPU/DSP bugs.


    Maybe I should include this bug as a warning or error into jas.


    PD:about my assembler, I had to sort a bit the code, but macros are near to be suported, now you can define macros with/without parameters, but only zero parameters macros are expanded.

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