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  1. I have a question about a file on the site. I did visit the FTP site, and I downloaded "Black ICE/White Noise." I used CloneCD to prepare the disc image for use on a blank CD. I burned it four different ways, because I am not really sure which settings to exactly use. That is why I did it that way, to experiment. Problem: I tried using the Jagtopia disc to run the CD, and it would not run. Tell me something, would I need a bypass cartridge to run this, or did I burn it incorrectly? What are the correct settings to use exactly? Any advice on how to successfully burn this to CD would be most helpful. Thanks. :)

  2. Hi, there,

    This is my first post and I was wondering. I tried downloading the CDI linked here, and I can only download 138 MB of the file. You were saying that it is supposed to 256 MB, correct? I even tried downloading it in Opera web browser. It showed the same size on Opera: 138 MB. Is there an issue with the file and certain browsers? That is the message that I am getting here. I really would like to try this out on my Jag CD. Can I get some advice here? Thanks.

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