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  1. @CJ: Bug reports are awesome! :D Your bug reports have been a major part of the reason that VJ's accuracy has gone up. ;)


    @Saturn: BTC isn't all that complicated, especially if you use something like Coinbase to buy it. ;) I would embed a link to a merchant account with them (like the Humble Bundle guys do), but I really don't want to get in bed with 'em. :P


    Updates on VJ have been slow, mainly because of, uh, shall we say, real life challenges. :P All that's holding up a real release now is finishing up the controller configuration, and I can do it the way I want now by switching to SDL2 (hotplug support--w00t!)--which will require a slight rewrite, but nothing too hairy. Just need to get time/motivation to do it. :)

  2. Did you try the same code with a non-scaled bitmap, and does that work on real hardware?


    Also, if you could post a minimal code example that displays the problem, that would go a long way towards helping figure out the problem (no need to post image files, I can insert my own). :)

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