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  1. Unpacking rout

    can anyone spot the copy/paste error? jr PL,Boucle_main loadb (A_two),Reg_temp loadb (A_two),Reg_temp addq #1,A_two storeb Reg_temp,(A_one)
  2. Unpacking rout

    10 years later.... I just had a need to use this, nice port by GT, but here's a faster version based on his code: A_zero .equr r0 A_one .equr r1 A_two .equr r2 D_zero .equr r3 D_one .equr r4 D_two .equr r5 D_three .equr r6 D_four .equr r7 Reg_temp .equr r8 LT .ccdef %11000 LZ_GPU: ; ***************************************************************** Modif: movei #loadtag,r20 movei #literal,r21 movei #search,r22 movei #break,r23 movei #$ff0f,r24 ; And masque movei #Params,r25 movei #$f02114,r26 ; Gpu Control reg movei #$f03fff,r27 ; ***************************************************************** load (r25),A_zero addq #4,r25 load (r25),A_one ; ***************************************************************** addq #4,A_zero jump (r20) ; loadtag=r20 loadb (A_zero),D_zero ; ***************************************************************** literal: REPT 8 loadb (A_zero),Reg_temp addq #1,A_zero storeb Reg_temp,(A_one) addq #1,A_one ENDR ; ***************************************************************** loadb (A_zero),D_zero loadtag: cmpq #0,D_zero jump EQ,(r21) ; literal=r21 addq #1,A_zero ; ***************************************************************** moveq #8-1,D_one search: shlq #1,D_zero btst #8,D_zero jr NE,compressed loadb (A_zero),Reg_temp storeb Reg_temp,(A_one) subq #1,D_one addqt #1,A_zero jr PL,search addqt #1,A_one jump (r20) ; loadtag=r20 loadb (A_zero),D_zero ; ***************************************************************** compressed: loadb (A_zero),D_two cmpq #0,D_two jump EQ,(r23) ; break=r23 moveq #$f,D_three addq #1,A_zero and D_two,D_three shlq #4,D_two loadb (A_zero),D_four and r24,D_two addq #1,A_zero or D_four,D_two move A_one,A_two subq #1,D_three sub D_two,A_two loadb (A_two),Reg_temp Boucle_main: storeb Reg_temp,(A_one) addq #1,A_two addq #1,A_one subq #1,D_three jr PL,Boucle_main loadb (A_two),Reg_temp loadb (A_two),Reg_temp addq #1,A_two storeb Reg_temp,(A_one) addq #1,A_one loadb (A_two),Reg_temp addq #1,A_two storeb Reg_temp,(A_one) subq #1,D_one jump PL,(r22) ; search=r22 addq #1,A_one jump (r20) ; loadtag=r20 loadb (A_zero),D_zero ; ***************************************************************** ; break: moveq #0,r0 ; pour stopper le gpu nop store r0,(r26) ; stop le gpu nop nop nop .phrase Params: GPU_a0: dc.l 0 GPU_a1: dc.l 0
  3. RAPTOR Basic+

    OK, so you've tried RAPTOR Basic, and it's a nice step into the strange world of Jaguar development, and while it is perfect for beginners, it's a little slow for all you master BASIC guys out there more used to the likes of GFA and other more modern versions of the language. Here is RAPTOR Basic+ - a compiled, high speed BASIC development environment based around BCX. Some of the RAPTOR Basic examples have been rebuilt in RAPTOR Basic+ and they now fly instead of crawling. We'll try and build on these in the coming weeks and months. RAPTOR Basic and RAPTOR Basic+ will both continue to be worked on as they offer different levels of entry into the wonderful world of home brew coding on the Jaguar. They will keep the same revision numbers as commands and functions get added to both. The latest version of RAPTOR Basic+ can be found here: Ver 0.1.8 - http://reboot.atari.org/new-rebo…/…/RAPTOR_Basic+_v0.1.8.zip Note: RBasic+ contains a 64bit version of VirtualJaguar - for all you people hanging on to crusty revisions of windows, replace it with the 32bit version.
  4. Idea to increase the JagCD's reliability for homebrew games

    Build us a 700mb cart
  5. Idea to increase the JagCD's reliability for homebrew games

    I thought about that for ULS, but pressed CDs seem to load pretty much all the time. The laser is crap. The clasp is crap. And the motor is pretty crap. Solution: Don't ship on CDR.
  6. Now available for download! Check the AA threads for the links.
  7. RAPTOR v2014.11.29

    Well, after nearly 4 years of procrastination, excitement, apathy and enthusiasm, here it finally is, as promised: RAPTOR v2014.11.29 Included in the zipfile: RAPTOR - RAPTOR default fonts (Thanks Atari ST ROM!) - RAPTOR approved logos - RAPTOR Manual (PDF) - RAPTOR.O EXAMPLES - Multiple examples describing the functions starting with "Hello World" and ending with a full game - Rocks Off! - Full source code for our game, converted to use the .O file U235Se v0.21 - U-235 SoundEngine folder The file is currently hosted on the D-Bug server, I'm hoping to update the Reboot website shortly. Enjoy, and happy coding everyone! Early Merry Xmas from REBOOT. PUSH THOSE BUTTONS!
  8. RAPTOR v2014.11.29

    Reboot BASIC is also a GO! Testers required!
  9. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    No idea if CDex can do this - most ripping applications can. If I remember correctly, I used IsoBuster.
  10. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    If the disc is in the correct format (multisession, CD audio for session 1, track 1 - then a boot loader on session 2 track 1 followed by the tracks) then yes. You can rip all the tracks in RAW mode, then create the security track, append it to the end of session 2, and reburn it.
  11. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    No need to mess around with serial adapters and term packages if you have a skunkboard: http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/skunkryptor.html
  12. Encrypting a .ABS file to CD

    Yes to both, but we'd have to re-create the custom image that the binary is injected into. ULS2.0 is 'on my plate' which will allow multiple binaries, a sort-of filesystem, and optional splash screens, but atm I really don't have the time to look into this.
  13. JagCD backups

    I've had very expensive (for CD, anyway, LOL) disks fail consistently, and crapo, unbranded no-name shit I wouldn't trust work 100%.
  14. Virtual Jaguar

    And here I am only sending bug reports
  15. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    RMAC/RLN mostly work, and when they don't - Shamus fixes them. The originals (and SMAC and SLN) are really, really broken. Especially in GPU areas. Ok, so basically, is it ok to assume that RMAC/RLN are compatible with MadMac/ALN, but have fewer bugs? (the question is: can I switch to these tools without fearing that some of my old sources won't compile/link/work...) No. Yes. Probably These days they are pretty stable. however I've hit a few compatibility issues (which Shamus has fixed). It's kind of odd how bugs get found when people actually make stuff. No wonder Subqmod gave up during 'the dark decade' lol.
  16. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    RMAC/RLN mostly work, and when they don't - Shamus fixes them. The originals (and SMAC and SLN) are really, really broken. Especially in GPU areas.
  17. Looking for old JSII members

    Unfortunately, the biggest reason for the split in the community has also found your page, aka Kizzy Kieren 'cut n paste' make up shit and cause trouble bullshit the Liard Hawken. I wish you all the best tho.
  18. GPU/DSP compiler(s)?

    Downloading fine with Chrome here. Use another A/V
  19. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    No, I was pointing out that if you continue to make accusations about other forums and attempt to stir up trouble, you won't last much longer. I stand by that. The rest of your reply proves that, yes, indeed, you do have an attitude. Forum admins have been notified. If you have a gripe about AA, JS2 or anywhere else, keep it to yourself. In regard to JS2, there is a message on the log in screen. Try reading it?
  20. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    If you bring that attitude over here, you won't last too long here either.
  21. Self publish or Not?

    My advice would be to make the game first. Make it how you want it. Don't compromise on anything until you have to, and have fun with the game making part. And once it's done - then you can make these decisions much more easily.
  22. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    Hi Belboz, Can we mirror those files here?
  23. Encryption Bypass Cart Still Useful?

    If you have a working Jagtopia Boot CD, then they are completely useless.
  24. Bubble Bobble on the Jaguar

    Thanks! 'yet another' ? its the first one I've actually released!
  25. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    Brilliant Any objections to me integrating it into RAPTOR?