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  1. I got this package in the mail today... my own copy of Do The Same!!! Man this looks so good.


    Just wanted to let you know that this really made my day.


    I mean this really nicely done. Thank you!!

  2. I cannot tell you how cool this is! :) Thank you!


    So why does this need a pallette file? Not sure what is accomplished by having an image file at one location, and a seperate file for denoting what color goes where. I mean why did they do it this way?


    (posting this on here and FreeJag)

  3. OK, after looking at it, it's definitely a 400x400 8-bit palettized image, not CRY or RGB16. However the palette is not in the .PIC file. Have you found any other files that could be it ? (i'm guessing it would be named something like "Alice.pal" and be 512 bytes long, or so).


    Ahhh there were files that ended with .RGB. Were these the files to compliment the Alice.Pic file?




    PS: Why such a strict upload limit?


  4. Hi, got your mail but prefer to answer directly here...


    As for me, I can also probably extend my Jag Image Converter to do the reverse operation...

    I'll probably get some time during my holydays to have a look at this... we'll see.




    Hey thanks that's awesome. Let me know what you find out.


  5. I don't know any converter which does this.


    If it's only for viewing, or if you have just a few images to convert, you can use JagViewer and take screenshots. (Beware though, it seems to be a bit buggy ; the colors are slightly wrong) : JagViewer.zip


    If you have a lot of pictures to convert... I guess I could write a converter (I have most of the needed code already written for other projects).

    But it cannot be fully automatic, as there isn't any way to know the location and the size of the images in the ROM.


    In both cases, it won't work if the pictures are compressed in any way.


    Well by some great advice from many and luck, we have a decompiled (about 91%) Bubsy with almost all of the material in it uncompressed.


    At first the viewer above would not look at what we came up, but I renamed it ".bin" and and it was able to see it.


    The image viewer was quite versatile, but didn't quite have the colors right.


    Here we have Pal 8 bit


    Here is the .cry version


    And here is the RGB version



    Now that pink or red sky is supposed to be blue. Other than that, this was amazingly better that trying to MANUALLY figure out the image in raw format only to get grey images. Just amazing.


    If you could make one better, please make it so!!


    And here is the original file I was reading.


  6. I like the episodic idea. And if anything like Wolfenstein, I'm there.


    (Just make it where the blade weapon is selectable. That pissed me off in the Jaguar version how you could not select the blade for stealth attacks.)

  7. Atarifans !! The next A.C. take place next month :





    A new feature for coders, a coding party ! Some more infos in few days :)




    GT Turbo :poulpe:


    I like the burning "window" there. :)


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