Tom & Jerry Netlist Files

Tom & Jerry Netlists

Netlist Sample - click to download Zip filePictured here is sample of the Blitter netlist file for the TOM chip.

A Netlist file is a description of how internal components are connected within a circuit or inside an IC chip.

These files were written by John Mathieson and Martin Brennan.

Here is what John Mathieson had to say about the files:

"The files you have represent the source files of the Tom and Jerry chips at some point in their life. I have no idea if the versions you have are the production chips. The .NET file format is a custom netlist language, as Martin and I wrote our own simulator for the Jaguar project. The sources were transferred to Verilog later in their life."

John Mathieson provied me updated copies of the TOM and JERRY netlists. Click on the picture to download NETLIST.ZIP. Zip file which contains both TOM and JERRY sub directories. I did re-saved each file using Wordpad in Windows 98. Each file had a strange end of line character. You can view the contents of these files using a text editor (i.e. NOTEPAD.EXE).