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  1. Nice to see people being productive during parties! (me and sh3 just sat on our arses doing nothing at Outline ) But anyway, we want more screenshots and shaky cam videos and playable demos and, and, and...
  2. 4 bitplanes color killer !!

    Happy birthday kids
  3. Atari BJL uploader - fixed!

    Hi guys, A few people reported that using the Atari BJL uploader, Superfly DX failed to start properly. So I took a 15 mins session with SH3 and krupkaj and fixed the problem! Nothing much more to say, just grab the fixed program and enjoy bjl_atari_uploader_fix.zip
  4. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    Well it could be nice documenting the things I learn about the Jaguar and write them down somewhere. If you allow this, I can start from quoting the official Atari docs and then refining them as I go along.
  5. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    Okay, will do! Unfortunately, as you say, the only way to get the best out of the blitter is to write a couple of renderers, learning from the mistakes/experience of the previous ones. (OT: maybe it would benefit all to make a semi manual/semi tutorial doc for the blitter? I.E. Explaining in simple words what the registers do and some sample programs like "if you want to do ....., then use this source as base)
  6. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    Just a small update here.. It seems that the general set-up code I use is at fault - looking into it. Just wanted to say that I can rotate a 256x256x8bpp object at 30FPS
  7. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    This sounds like it's confusing make versions. Try typing PATH and see which directories are included. The scan each directory for make.exe or nmake.exe. There may be other versions that are being ran instead of the old make/nmake from the Atari devkit. Hope this helps.
  8. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    IIRC you can run dosbox with a different .conf file. So, after typing "make" on windows, you can have a .conf file in your project directory that does the linking (i.e. call aln with the right params) and then exits dosbox. Then start dosbox using that config. Although CJ codes in pure asm using that principle, it's mostly the same thing. (another thing would be a .bat file that calls 'make' and then bring up dosbox with the pre-made config file). Hope this helps.
  9. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Hehe, I think it's safe to say that Seb won the thread
  10. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Dunno if you're going to use cygwin at all but for what it's worth: if 'make install' can't find the files, it means they weren't compiled. Did you do a 'make' before 'make install'? Did it exit without errors? Also, did you modify Makefile.config?
  11. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Well, string.h is stdlib stuff, and I've seen that Seb offers a stdlib for the Jag. So I'd say go compile and 'make install' it.
  12. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Hiya Lars, Easy - j ust open a Cygwin console and type "m68k-atari-mint-gcc --version". That should run the cross-gcc and print some generic infor about it. Umm, the way I understand it, Seb is offering the lib in source format. So you will have to compile that first before anything you write using it works. Get the archive, unpack it, edit the makefile(s) to point to your tools, and type make. If no errors occur, type 'make install' and the library should be installed in your cygwin system. Then, the example program should compile (perhaps with more makefile tinkering). I think we're making good progress though
  13. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    BUMP! :hug:s to Seb for this thread - you saved me a few days of total frustration and head scratching (plus having to use some pen and paper and write down the equations needed ). I now have my rotator up and running - some tables are generated offline, unlike your version. Also thanks to Zerosquare for bringing this thread to my attention! There's only one weird thing I haven't managed to solve yet. Seems that my routine is working perfectly on vjag and PT. But depending on the width and height of my bitmap, it may or may not work on the real Jaguar. It sounds like phrase alignment, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
  14. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Hello, Let's see now... - Did you check that the cross-68k tools work from the cygwin console? - Can you also run mac/smac from the console? It must be present in cygwin's PATH, which generally isn't the same as the system's. You might have to copy the executables to a directory that is on cygwin's path (typing "set|grep PATH" on console will help) - If both of the above work, then locate cygwin's home directory (can't remember by heart, it should be something like <path-to-cygwin>/home/administrator) and extract the remover's lib on a folder there (typically if you've copied the lib archive on the root, "tar -zxvf jlibc-0.5.6.tar.gz" will do the trick. Now, for editing the Makefile (sorry if you made all of the above, I just wasn't certain): Seems to me that you don't need to edit Makefile, but instead you need to edit Makefile.config. It seems to me that Seb has installed the whole Atari Jagdev kit to $HOME/Jaguar. If you don't need all this, you can just remove JAGPATH and edit the MADMAC entry to point to mac or smac. After that, edit CROSSPATH to the path where the cross-68k tools reside. If you don't know the path, I think something like "which m68k-atari-mint-gcc" or similar will help (I can't remember exactly how the cross-gcc filename is, Vincent should state that on his website). After all this is done, type "make" on the lib directory and it should compile. Of course, the most likely thing is that it won't, but if you get to that, you can give more info
  15. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Hello, I had a quick look at it. Seems that in order to use it, you need a few components: a ) A unixoid enviroment (since you're using Window$ and all) b ) Madmac assembler c ) Cross-68k-gcc For ( a ) I'd go with cygwin (http://cygwin.org/), because of ( c ) . For ( b ) I'd suggest going with smac, as the only way Reboot has managed to make mac work on new OSes is via DOSbox, which would increase complexity in your build scripts (again, maybe not so much). Beware though, there are still bugs creeping in smac. For ( c ) the sane choice is Vincent Riviere's gcc port for Cygwin (http://vincent.riviere.free.fr/soft/m68k-atari-mint/). I'd give it a go myself, but I have a MinGW installation, and it's not so straightforward getting gcc up'n'running in that. (actually I have a 2nd machine running Win7 and cygwin -not mine!- so if you get really stuck I might set it up there) After you set everything up, it should be a simple matter of editing the Makefile and Makefile.conf, bringing up a console, CDing to the relevant directory and typing 'make' . Hmm, yeah, another point worth mentioning is to use a text editor that can edit unix source files (iirc they're CR while DOS is CR/LF). Notepad++, Notepad2 or gvim are all up to the task. Good luck, and please share your experiences!
  16. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Well, I'm pretty sure I tested the pages before I posted, but it seems my changes didn't register???? Try now please
  17. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Hi there, I'll be updating the archive in a short while with the full source (most of it is not mine to keep anyway ). Port it to linux/OSX? My version of the encrypter doesn't use anything machine specific, as long as jcp supports the -c switch, it all should work flawlessly... [EDIT]It's up
  18. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    And, to follow up, the CD image generator seems rock solid and is only waiting for testing before release
  19. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Hi, Just wanted to drop a quick note that after a furious 2 day thriller starring me and sh3, we managed to get it to work 100% . To test it, we created an encrypted CD image using the key the skunkboard sent to the PC and it's working! I'll clean up the source code and release it asap!
  20. New game release ?

    Yep, sorry we haven't posted anything about it yet, I guess we got sucked in so much that we forgot to tell anyone (as with Project One, we spent more time playing it than doing anything else ). The game is practically ready, we only need to take care of 2 small matters and then we'll release it!
  21. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Super happy birthday for my good supper friend Freddifreddo
  22. Snasm2 Tools?

    Salut! Nice forum guys, and active as it seems! Some months back I acquired an Atari Jaguar devkit, which is essentially a jag with a (kid of) alpine board, a scsi card and a disk with software for the PC. Since then I haven't been able to use it, because I couldn't get hold of a PC with an ISA slot to use the built-in card. Well, I just got hold of such a beast . I will try to set it up soon enough, and I'll try to keep you updated on how that goes on this thread. Before I begin though, I thought I'd ask here too: Anyone got any info on this, more specifically, anyone knows/have software for a devkit for the Atari? I heard some stories that there was a suite of programs for the tt/falcon that used SCSI to talk to the Jag, which is more or less my case here. Anyone knows anything about this? Regards, George