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  1. The Removers'library Is Back

    Seb, the home page says that it was last updated in 2004 - maybe you need to fix this? Also, great stuff!
  2. Happy Christmas !! Jag lovers !!

    Merry xmas! Also, this thread needs MOAR Poulpe!!!
  3. Well, here you go: http://users.hol.gr/~ggn/stuff/Tempest%202...y%20Enabled.ips. You still need to plug in a regular pad to select the corresponding menu - I might fix that to default to rotary at some point.
  4. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    Blah! So if I wanted to understand the code better I should have compiled it and then disassembled it . Why couldn't languages have standard prefixes and stuff?
  5. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    Okay, it took some time to verify this (actually I waited till I have a rotary on my hands!), but there's a small problem with the above code. Unless I'm really reading it wrong of course (some C specifics elude me). Anyway, I transcribed the above code to GFA Basic on the Falcon for testing some time back and while it worked 100% for one of the two movements (anticlockwise IIRC), on the other one the code was alternating between clockwise and anticlockwise every two ticks (I think - not that it matters too much ). I traced the problem to the way ph0 and ph1 are calculated; i.e. reading the jagpad, masking for specific bits and NOTting the result. What I did was to convert this to give me $ff for one state and $00 for the other state for both ph0 and ph1. After this it worked perfectly .
  6. Zerosquare is being a bad boy again, he's demystifying Jaguar stuff again . Great stuff! By the way, I've patched T2k so you don't need to press anything for the hidden controller menu to appear. So less stuff to remember . Anyone interested?
  7. Again this f.... cat, even on a Jag... !!

    /me goes to make a ct63 version
  8. Again this f.... cat, even on a Jag... !!

    Fooooooooooooooooooook yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Matmook's day !!

    Me too
  10. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    That's what we got on one of our tries at Outline 2010: Although I do recall a message saying something like "link lost"
  11. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    This is all very interesting Just out of interest, I found the send/receive code on doom, if Seb gets something stable running I could try hacking it into doom (of course someone with 2 Jaguars, 2 Jaglinks and 2 skunkboards should have to do the tests )
  12. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    Bumping an old thread, I know, but I just tested it on my old winxp box and the 8bit loader worked without errors, so thanks
  13. Retro-Gaming Connexion 2011

    Excellent! While I won't be able to attend (and sadly the rest of Reboot as well), I will send something to show at the party
  14. Interupt timing with the PIT (68k)

    Just to make it worse, recently there has been released a 50khz soundtracker for a plain 8mhz st Anyway, maybe a method of checking would be to output the value to BG and see the color changes?
  15. Wow, someone actually found it useful? Thanks Tyrant: As it stands, the symbol table is copied verbatim across formats. I pondered a bit about including such a feature, but decided against it. Firstly, it'd require that I had a better look at the COFF format, which for the time being I don't have the time to. Secondly, I feel that the programmer is responsible for everything he/she releases. It's much easier and safer to have a switch in the makefile (or build script) that turns debugging symbols on and off than me stampeding into the file removing stuff . Thirdly, I don't like making utils that have every feature including the kitchen sink. As it is, it's just some simple code to do simple format conversions. If I started adding stuff I didn't thought of before I starting coding, it'd potentially make the program kludgy and buggy. Thanks for the feedback though! If such a tool is required by people I might sit down and code it, but as it is I can't justify including it in JiFFI
  16. Op Timing

    SCPCD wins the OP
  17. I'm too lazy !!

  18. This is the 3D day !!

    Wish you an awesome birthday Patrice
  19. 2011, year of releases ?

    Arse - torn between ladybugged and bomberman. I voted for bomberman but I want both of them out ASAP! Go matmook and seb
  20. Merry Christmas !!

    Time for some Atari cake!
  21. New mouse project!

    Hello, Me and a few friends are thinking about initiating a project to make a batch of mice for the ST, Amiga and Jaguar. But instead of making an adapter and selling it, we thought we'd simplify things a bit: What we are planning to do is to buy a batch of PS/2 optical mice, removing the PS/2 cord, inserting the adapter logic inside the mouse, and installing a standard 9-pin cord. In our opinion, this makes for a neater solution than having 2-3 adapters in order to get to the computer's port. The mice we're thinking of using are Logitech optical PS/2 like these: (the actual model is subject to change, it will depend on the actual quantity we will want to buy and also the source). The design we're going to use is this, but with the difference of using a better firmware, which gives smoother movement. If you're aware of this design, you'll know that there is a way to have a selector switch for ST/Amiga, but we decided that in order to keep things as simple as possible, we'll hardwire either one or the other. Also, since an ST mouse can be wired to be used for the Jaguar, we can also make mice with a 15 D-SUB end, ready to be plugged in. What we'd like from people would be initially to see if there's interest in this. We'd like you to just express your interest and how many devices you would like. This is because we cannot estimate the price (it will depend on a few factors). But we would like to gauge interest in this. After a couple of weeks, we'll count the number of devices people would be willing to buy and announce the price (we hope to keep it low, we're not in it for the money). So that's what this is all about. Any people interested? Please reply below stating how many devices you would like and of what type (ST/Amiga/Jaguar). Also, feel free to ask questions, we'll be more than happy to reply!
  22. AnotherĀ³ Birthday !!!

    \o/ Happy b-day Azrael!!! Now, have some cake!
  23. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    More like 6 YEARS really, but let's not split hairs here Yes, the ADC chips do exist on STE/Falcon. One question though: Does BSG support the same rotary controllers as those you build or are they different? I'd assume that the wiring and mode of operation is totally different. No worries, the Falcon is my primary target anyway P.S. Mods, there is another thread on the rotary in this forum. Maybe we should merge both threads into a bigger one that talks about all kinds of inputs on the Jaguar?
  24. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    I also posted this on the D-Bug forum a few minutes back, but I thought I'd mention it here, since I don't think there'll be anything different for the Jaguar . Original text follows in verbatim. Recently I've been messing around with Jagpad input and while I sorted it out easily, I wanted to add support for the teamtap as well. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I asked around for some advice on the matter. Zerosquare of CVSD pointed me to two solutions for this. One was to use heuristics (i.e. make the user press a jagpad button and see if the button press is shadowed on other pads on the same port - if yes, the user most certainly doesn't have one installed), and the other was in fact a method by Matthias Domin, which reads a seemingly unused bit on the jagpad matrix on jagpad #4. Matthias claimed that if this bit (C1 on the jaguar docs) is inactive (at least on Falcon, jagpad bits are all set to 1 when the user doesn't press any button on the pad), then there's a teamtap installed. That was just what I needed! So I quickly wrote a test program in GFA Basic and sent it to SH3 (I forgot to mention that I don't own a teamtap ). And that didn't work 100%. It turns out that this bit can change if there's no teamtap installed and the user presses the pause button. Fortunately we noticed that only bit C1 changes when you insert the teamtap in the port. So Matthias' claim was partly correct. The check that works 100% is: if (bit c1 in jagpad #4)=set and (bit c2 in jagpad #4)=set then the user is using a single jagpad without teamtap and pressing pause if (bit c1 in jagpad #4)=unset and (bit c2 in jagpad #4)=set then we have a teamtap! (the trick here is that when a teamtap is installed, then if jagpad #1 pause is set, you don't have any shadowing to the other pads) if (bit c1 in jagpad #4)=unset and (bit c2 in jagpad #4)=unset then we have a normal jagpad, pause is not pressed (note: "unset" means that the bit is in it's natural state and "set" means it's changed. As I mentioned, on the Falcon it's 1 for unset and 0 for set ) (note #2: there's a 4th combination of bits, but I don't think it's possible to achieve this with a normal teamtap, so it's left out) I hope I didn't screw anything up - after all, I tested at blind (sh3 was my eyes ). If you find any inaccuracies, please mention them to me so I'll fix the text Addendum: The shitty GFA program I used to test all of the above. It's not anything brainblasting, but at least it works (it's for port #1 btw) and it displays all ports' pad bits in the same screen. DO PRINT AT(0,1) PRINT "teamtap port a" SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFE PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFD PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFB PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF7 PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) ' PRINT "teamtap port b" SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF0 PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF1 PRINT BIN$(x1%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF2 PRINT BIN$(x2%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF3 PRINT BIN$(x3%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) ' PRINT "teamtap port c" SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF4 PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF5 PRINT BIN$(x1%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF6 PRINT BIN$(x2%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF8 PRINT BIN$(x3%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) ' PRINT "teamtap port d" SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFF9 PRINT BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9200),16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFA x1%=DPEEK(&HFFFF9200) PRINT BIN$(x1%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFC x2%=DPEEK(&HFFFF9200) PRINT BIN$(x2%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) SDPOKE &HFFFF9202,&HFFFF x3%=DPEEK(&HFFFF9200) PRINT BIN$(x3%,16)'BIN$(DPEEK(&HFFFF9202),16) ' PRINT PRINT "C1=";BTST(x1%,0);", C2=";BTST(x2%,0);", C3=";BTST(x3%,0) PRINT "So..."' IF BTST(x1%,0)=1 AND BTST(x2%,0)=0 PRINT "you have a teamtap installed!" ELSE PRINT "you DO NOT have a teamtap installed!" ENDIF LOOP UNTIL INKEY$<>""
  25. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    I hope I can provide an elegant solution for that soon!