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Skunk Console features


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So ive been playing with the skunk console features (read/write to files and console) but was trying to find out if there was any way that you could test to see if opening a file failed on the jaguar side. I know the pc throws a "code 2" error when a file that the jaguar requests to open doesnt exist but is there a way to obtain this back on the jaguar so that it knows how to react or do other condition based code? i havnt skimmed through the skunk library too much just yet but was curious if i was missing something here.


The skunk manual doesnt really go into depth other than explaining some basic read write functions.

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As a matter of fact, I just released my own hacked version of JCP.


Used conjointly with the Removers library, you can open, read, write files from the Jaguar side very easily.


I used this hacked version of jcp to develop alpha version of Another World.


I'll try to release an example of use from the Jaguar side very soon, so stay tuned!

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As promised, I have just released a very simple example on how to communicate with the Skunkboard with rmvjcp.

(I needed to fix a bug in rmvlib & jlibc)

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