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Is there a way to dump the contents of memory/Registers in Virtual Jaguar or Project Tempest


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my name is Sam Bushman. I am looking to learn to homebrew on the Atari Jaguar as an independent study project at college. While waiting for my Skunkboard v3 to come in the mail, I had hoped to get started by running compiled code on the PC via an emulator. I was wondering if there was a way to dump at least the current state of processor registers in either of the two major jaguar emulators (Virtual Jaguar or Project Tempest). If not, is there another way to develop strictly on a windows system and debug running code?


Thanks for all the great resources offered on this site and have a good one.

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Welcome :)


Although I've never used it, Virtual Jaguar has some debugging code in the source that may be useful to you. There's some info about here.


I believe that code is not enabled by default, which means you'll probably need to get the source from this page, tweak it a bit and recompile it.


Keep in mind that the Jaguar emulators are currently far from ideal ; some things work on real hardware and not in emulators, and vice-versa.


You'll find other useful tools for development in this topic.

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Thanks for the info. I've downloaded the source for Virtual Jaguar (Along with its dependencies) and am running into some issues compiling it under minGW with GCC version 4.5.0.

After downloading the development libraries/dlls for zlib and SDL and running "./compile" in the emulator's directory the program compiles for a bit and stops in the "src/sdlemu_config.cpp" source file with errors that the strcmp() and atoi() functions are not in the scope of the "sdlemu_getval_int" and "sldemu_getval_int" functions.

Has anyone else had issues compiling Virtual Jaguar 1.0.7?


Thanks and have a good one.

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If you have any skill with a soldering iron, you could install a BJL ROM and build a cable to do uploads to the real Jag. Doing this will not prevent the Skunkboard from working when it's released, and gets you going on hardware quicker. (You do have to be willing to open the Jag and solder into it, as well as burn or beg an EPROM and cut a trace on the existing ROM).


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-> Orion

Where in the source files is the functionality to dump main memory (is it just a bool that needs flipped like "doGPUDis" in gpu.cpp? Also I noticed that when a rom runs (and doesn't crash :) ) it seems to already dump the contents of memory and the cpu registers. Any info on the modifications you made would be great. I have already followed your previous modifications of getting bjl roms running on revision 299 (the newest "stable" version on Shamus' SVN). Your comments in the packaged readme and the earlier post were very helpful. Thanks :)


-> Tursi

Sadly I'm horrible with a soldering iron, so the chip mod isn't feasible for me. The way I have scheduled my research, I will have just finished messing with the 68k assembly language and studying the processor itself and started looking into gamepad input by the time the skunkboards are set to ship (February 15th according to the old goatstore announcement), so I'm not too worried. The idea is solid though. I had messed with the JagCD based BJL tools a bit before my JagCD died :(, so I know the convenience :)


Overall, thanks for the many responses guys. I've tooled around these forums for a while and have seen that between here, Atariage, and Sector II the Jaguar homebrew community tends to be friendly and active. This is partly what has given my the confidence to try such a project as teach myself to homebrew on the Jag.


Cheers and thanks again,

Sam Bushman

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Skunkboards are behind due to parts issues, but we have a promised delivery date for them. GOAT should be updating on that shortly - please don't quote me on it, but I figured since you are making long term plans you should know.


As for the friendliness, you can definately find it, but just be aware that the Jag community tends to sometimes be a little cliquish and volatile. Just stay honest and keep a thick skin, and it can work pretty well for you! I've been fortunate enough to avoid most of the messes over the years. :) I hope you'll stick around and have fun with it - the Jag is an unusual machine but it can be quite rewarding.


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