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Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

Cyrano Jones

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Had an idea this morning to involve all the jagware teams.... or anyone else that might be interested.


How about we create a set a graphics (a few sprites, font, etc) and hand them to the teams and get each team to make a single screen game using them (whatever they want or imagine!)


We then take all the screens and bolt it together into a multi level game. Could be fun!


We'd obviously need some "rules" like:


1) You must use the graphics provided

2) You can add extra graphics if required but not for the "main game elements"

3) Your binary must fit inside say 1.5mb of RAM and pack to less than 512k


We could keep the same music playing for all the screens.


What do you think?

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Who cares ? A silent game is a really elegant solution :D

(do not care, this is a very old private joke between former french Lynx homebrewers and former Jagware guys ;))


Which kind of mini-games do you think of ? Really small levels like a Wario Ware or Hot Pixel (for PSP) - ie, only a few second to understand what to do and do it, or more consequent ones ?


I guess that integration of games made in ASM or C is not a problem for you ?


Edit : if poulpes are involded in gaphs, I guess that I would be interested (as long as smashing poulpes is not forbidden of course) :D

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Whatever you want to do - I'd say try and make your "level" last <3 minutes tho, so it can be completed (or failed) and move onto the next screen.


As long as its a binary, and we can pass a few parameters (like level!) to it so we can loop them and make it more and more challenging, I don't care if it's written in PILOT! :P


I'm up for suggestions for how to set this up best for everyone - *if* there's enough interest.

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Could be fun, indeed.

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If we go for something like this we'd need one or two people to manage things, set some rules & hold everything together (but maybe not too strict as to make everything come out looking & feeling the same). Maybe this person/these people should be the ones who deal with the front end/management as with multi-group demos. Would it be fun to do this as an open project, so we could avoid making very similar things but also anyone else who wants a look & to make a comment or two can do so? If it's just a very small thing for fun to involve everyone it could work quite well, anything more than that & it might get messy.


It would be a really good way for everyone to get involved work together... if everyone who considers themselves to be part of the Jagware collective could contribute at least something it would really be special, I'd be proud to be a part of that :)


Let's make this happen :D

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