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Ovalbugman It's Your Turn !!!

GT Turbo

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Thank you so much guys! :wub: It is nice to be remembered on your birthday and JagWare people are awesome. I don't like to think about being another year older but the special occasion, and rememberance by my friends here of my birthday is very cool. Thanks!


On another note: I have become very proficient at making good quality, clear, Jaguar CD Cinepak videos and have made a bunch of DVD movie conversions to JagCinepak. I have converted all 528 American Hero Atari Development FMV game clips to three un-encrypted CDRs that play on the Jaguar. Only a short FMV demo of AH exists. Also, I converted the very first Atari Jaguar Press conference from August 8th, 1993 in Sunnyvale, California to the Jag. And Atari Explorer Online's (AEO) Electronic Entertainment Expo's (E3) coverage from 1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada to the Jag too. They will all be posted on Jaguarsector.com downloads section in a week or two. I will let you guys know when they are put up so you can see some of my Cinepak conversions if you want. :)


Yeah, it's just videos but it's still cool to see anything new on the Jaguar. I have been using the 3IVX Mpeg-4 compressor to get good picture detail and reduce the inherent Cinepak square pixilization to a very minimum so that watching videos on the Jaguar is not ruined by in being at too low a resolution.


I wish all my friends in France and at Jagware to have a Great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.




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Seems I am far beyond late... to my own Birthday party here guys,.. but still I thank you very much for the kind remembrance of my special day! - you guys have always been the best/coolest to me on all the forums. :wub:




Thanks for the Strawberry Shortcake Zerosquare, that looks delicious! :D

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