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Overclocked Jaguar

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Hi !


The new mod for the jaguar is the Overclock !


It was the 3rd June that I have success to overclock the Jag, but no time to make videos ;)

All my cartridge games (about 33) work perfectly on the overclock jaggy at all tried frequency except that the sound is played more quickly and some music player of games have bugs, but it's perfectly playable (when it's not too accelerate :ponder: ) !

The JagCF works perfectly as well.


Videos at different speed :


The FastLara demo by Orion_ with VBL consumption in red : (it's a PAL demo and on a NTSC jag some part of the screen are cutted)


FastLara @ 32MHz (68K @ 16MHz)


FastLara @ 37.5MHz (68K @ 18.75MHz)


Then on a game :


Zero5 @ original speed (26.59MHz -> 68K @13.295)


Zero5 @ 32MHz (68K @ 16MHz)


Zero5 @ 37.5MHz (68K @ 18.75MHz) (onYoutube)


At 37.5MHz, the jag cube on startup is distort and the jag can crash. (this why I launch the game before it appears)


I tried to 40MHz but the Jag crash on startup. It's, for me, normal because the 68K is already over it's limit which is 16.67MHz from the datasheet.



Cheers !


Edit : videos reuploaded :) (less size)


Posted by GT (Post cutted and pasted from AA :) )

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