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Hiya, I've been out of the scene for a loong time now, but have got my alpine out again and am looking to get back into Jag coding. However, I'm curious as to what has happened with the various emulators since I dropped out of the loop. Have any of them become stable enough to use to test code on. I have a friend who is interested in working on some projects together, but doesn't have bjl, or a cdrom, or prot:se, so we were considering setting him up with an emulator.


Has anyone here tried something like this? The emulation doesn't need to be perfect, since I could test regularly on my alpine, but are any of the emu's good enough to even attempt to write software on?

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I think Orion_ has used Project Tempest 0.95 extensively to develop his games, so this is doable. But the emulation is far from prefect (some things that work on the real hardware don't work with PT, and vice-versa), so it's still necessary to test your work on a real Jaguar regularly.

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I agree :)

Emulators are great to test your code very fast, but it's also a trap that you can fall in, you start with a basic code that work well on jaguar and emulator, then code and code for hours using only emulator, it works perfectly, then try your code on a real jaguar and it doesn't work anymore. the fun thing is to find where is the bug because on the emulator it works just great !

this happened to me some times ;)

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