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Ellipse (English part)

GT Turbo

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This one is the same thing than Ellipse thread, but in english, coz some foreignes joins us (And am happy of that !)




Ellipse, is a (Jagware) picture converter. We do it for converting some picture to the Jag, it's an Atari software but you can use an emulator (Steam, etc..) for using it.




The first preview is avalaible here :








With French and English docs.




SCPCD tell me that one pic cannot be converted, Ellipse doesn't 'know the format error' so here come a new preview (0.2), his picture can be converted but i haven't make a look on the converted picture (Bjl Uploader problems). But if some colors looks stange don't be afraid, coz i have started optimisation on some routines and for the same reason than previous(Bjl problems !).




Herecome the new preview :








Some things have been added, a window console ('Ctrl' C) open it. A config file, with three lines for the moment :






read_path=d: ruc.zip






First line, the console state, anything other that 'on', keep the console window closed. The two others lines are the path for picture reading and picture saving, for avoiding to browse on our hard diks.




Just one thing, the Config file must be on D: root (For the moment) to be loaded !!




GT Turbo ;)

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Convertion from a 24 bits picture run correctly, thanks to SCPCD for the Doom 3 picture, that give a nice picture on the Jag screen even my monitor is too little !! c




Example (Bjl, 50 hertz) :










GT Turbo :P

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Normally $4000, but one thing Fredifredo told me, that Project Tempest are blocked about 384 colums, or this pic do a little more !! I will try with a little screen.




GT Turbo :wacko:

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Many excuse to everybody !! Stop here !! the code doesn't run !! I have make a retry for testing the new Uploader and i've got a black screen like you !! I will modify my code and retry again !!






GT :wacko:

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