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Cooper, Frost

GT Turbo

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Yesterday, we (Azrael and me (GT) ) were a Strasbourg (France) to spend some time with Cooper (Pooz coder and member of the Paradize team, http://home.tu-clausthal.de/~ifmar/paradize/index.php ) and Frost (Odd stuff and Fantasia demo coder, member of the Sector One team, http://deunstg.free.fr/sct1/index.html ).


And that give some nices photos like :


Frost and Azrael O_O






Me (GT) ;)



Cooper doing some bugs on it's N-gage phone


I have got a lot of others photo, but that will be too hardcore :wacko:

A very nice night, hope to do that another time ;)


GT Turbo :poulpe:

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David :wub:


I really enjoyed our meeting, I'm looking forward a new one when possible ;)


It's when you want ;)


Thanks for the photos.. Can't wait for the others lol


The others are too hardcore for being displayed here (Like this one : )





GT :lol:

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