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Alice's Mom's Rescue JagCD Release


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I'm officially announcing the release of Alice's Mom's Rescue for the Jaguar CD !

This is a puzzle / platformer game in the pure style of old school pixel art.

The giant raven has captured Alice's mother.

Help Alice save her mother through the 3 worlds and 25 levels!

Change Alice's height by jumping on the magic mushrooms to get through the tiny spaces.

But be aware that a small size will also affect Alice's physical abilities!

Solve puzzles, beware of the evil cats, birds, bats & spikes, and find the right path to victory.


The game is available here for the Jaguar CD !

If you don't have a Jaguar CD, SkunkBoard (rev2&3) owners can play the game with the 6MB ROM of the game included on the CD !

The PC Windows version of the game is also included on the CD !

For people in the US, you can check this US store to save on the shipping: (available soon)http://console5.com/store/software/atari/jaguar-cd.html

Video of the game:


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