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Cartridges mechanical drawings / dimensions


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GroovyBee told me today where to find the official mechanical drawings for cartridges.


So to help those who may be interested in creating their own carts, I've converted the files to PDF and uploaded them here : cartridge_mechanical_drawings.zip (the archive contains both the original DXF files and the PDF versions)


500279e1 is apparently a later version of 500279d1.

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I agree, but it's how the original files were, and I don't have the tools needed to edit the files.

I don't know why they chose this color scheme... maybe it's a glitch and the background is supposed to be black, or it's in reverse video (it's actually more readable if you invert all colors).

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I couldn't find any settings within TrueView to export/plot with a black background for PDF, so I downloaded some ghetto-arse spyware-riddled tool called "Free DWG to PDF Creator ver 3.4.0" and made these:




Would have been much safer to just edit the PDF :-)

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