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  1. I'm guessing your ROM->BJL conversion is just detecting ROMs that start out by copying themselves into ram and then executing from there? In theory there are probably some games that are compiled for cart-space but could fit into RAM... but then if they weren't designed to be relocatable or location independent, it's going to be a really hard job relocating them and most likely not worth the effort.
  2. True. I guess I'm just spoiled by the way things are done elsewhere. Also I wasn't trying to complain, so much as suggest improvements, but you're right, they're not necessary. All the ones I know you've already got identified.
  3. That's fine by me, just stick them all into subdirectories by release name... so you can first look over a list of releases without seeing all the clutter, and then can see which formats each release is in... sort of like how on pouet you search or browse for a release, then go into its page to find a list of download mirrors, videos, etc.
  4. WOW That's a lot of stuff, even discounting all the duplicate versions. Might I make a suggestion towards keeping it more orderly? Put things into sub-folders, such as group > author > release, so that each individual program is in it's own folder, with the only files in there being the various different file formats for it and maybe a readme document. Also I suggest splitting things into groups and then individuals because while Reboot are a pretty tight group with your releases going under your own names, Jagware as I understand it isn't nearly so tight and is more like a loose collective of individuals and groups working together on separate things, and people like Symmetry and Spock of TNG released their demos under their own names with a few years lag time in between, and I suspect not much collaboration. You've got a really good archive there, it just needs a little cleaning up.
  5. Sinewaves

    Or there's a sine table already hardcoded into the DSP. It's not the most precise in the world, but you can interpolate between samples if you need higher precision.
  6. BLACKOUT! Released now

    You haven't heard all the news then? You might want to go and read the Blackout topic on AA.
  7. Midimaze For The Jag ?

    OHho thanks many many great thanks Shiney. I never played the original, so tell me, could the gameplay work with a dungeon-master style of fake-3D interface? If so, it could work well as a Jaguar/Lynx cross-platform game.
  8. C under Win98, Removers Libs vs Raptor Lib

    That's really weird, have you tried examining the files and making sure they really are bsd a.out format? I remember madmac warning that some of it's output modes only support 8 character symbol names, maybe for some reason gcc is also outputting in a weird format? As for the links, they look very helpful. I've got a w98 virtualbox I'm going to try experimenting on (so as not to muck up my main dev machine) and I'll report back once I try installing their prebuilt cross-compiler and cygwin.
  9. C under Win98, Removers Libs vs Raptor Lib

    I did try that today... however first off running x-windows under virtualbox proved very laggy, and I also bumped into an annoying KDE error: It seems that if you change from the default french-azerty key layout, but you remove the original french layout before enabling the switcher icon on the taskbar and switching layouts using it, then you get stuck in a situation where the switcher icon does nothing and you can't switch until you re-add french back into the list (never mind that shows in the menu, it has to be in the list of layouts too). After that I got a little frustrated. I might try again with it, (starting by uninstalling kde and X11 as they slow things down too much), but I suspect the hassle of having to edit on my mac (textmate beats vi and my fingers don't like emacs keyboard twister), then copy/network the source into virtualbox, compile, and get the binaries back out, across a usb stick onto my 98 machine, then uploaded into an alpine, is a bit too awkward to really work properly.
  10. Hiya, I'm thinking of trying to knock out a quick project on the Jag (the problem with most of my Jag ideas being that they take forever and a day to complete), and I'm seriously considering trying to do the core of it in C. Naturally I've got a few questions about this, and where else is there to ask and get sensible answers but here? First off, my current dev setup involves an alpine, with a rather antique laptop running win98. I'm on the Atari MAC and ALN under DOS, and I don't want to change any of that. My first headache is naturally going to be getting a MinGW install set up to compile native windoze apps, and then build a cross-compile version to target the 68k. AFAIK MinGW should work fine under w98, but I don't even know if it's possible to get it to cross-compile for other platforms, since it has been modified a fair bit from standard gcc in order to run under windoze. Any help anyone can offer here is most welcome. I see there is a shell script to automate the building of a cross-compiling gcc on the removers site, and I'll start by trying to pick that apart and try to achieve the same results with mingw. Once I've got (if I can get) a cross compiling gcc/mingw environment set up, there are a whole host of jaguar specific questions I have. How easy is it to implement inline assembly into a c function? How does one call asm from C? C from asm? What kind of calling convention does C use? Is it possible to force arguments/return values into specific registers? I presume I'll need the removers C libs in order to get malloc etc to work? Do I also have to use the removers libs for drawing/etc? Can reboots Raptor be used instead? Has anyone made a comparison of the two in terms of features/limitations/etc? Finally, and perhaps most importantly (also sadly most subjectively), I have to ask myself if all the hassle with building a cross-compiler is actually worth it, and if I can't achieve the same results with asm in less time? If so, is it still possible to use some/all of the removers libs without C (especially malloc and heap management), how about raptor? The game I'm thinking of implementing isn't especially complicated in terms of numbers of sprites, and barely needs any collision detection, but I am trying to save as much development time as possible. If I do go ahead with this, I'll try to document as much of the setup process as possible, so as to create a guide for how to get C dev working from scratch.
  11. Tranparency and RMW bit

    I think the idea is that you pick your palettes quite carefully and use muted colours for the background, to avoid everything saturating at a specific colour. Has anyone used it on an RGB image though, and what happens? Does it still try to saturate to 4/4/8 boundaries?
  12. Kobayashi Maru

    Looks fun, but that bullet sound is going to get very annoying very fast.
  13. Jag cart port questions

    How's it coming Stone? Is there any chance I can get a dxf of that outline when it's done? I'm thinking of making an alpine case for myself, and it'd save a certain amount of effort if you've already got the cutouts in the right places.
  14. Jag cart port questions

    Talking of which, when're you going to release your bjl-flash one, the world is waiting and wanting.
  15. Jag cart port questions

    I just hope you make enough of them for us all to get one. There will be demand.