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  1. Ok, I've got my old laptop up and running thanks to a donor laptop I have, :-D anyway!
    I want to use bjl dump but I'm unsure if I'm using it right. I've got the jag on the ready orange screen. so now I want to use the autodetection setup so is this the command "BJL_DUMP.EXE try.rom 0 800000 0" I'm right and how can I tell if it's working? :?   Thanks!

  2. I've got some carts that aren't dumped as far as I can tell, I've looked at all the of roms sights that I know pulse some questionable websites too,  games like MB, BS and BSG.  I'm getting ready for the  Jag SD cartridge. ;)

  3. No, nothing new.

    I have a little problem with this. In my mind, priority is S.PA.C.E, then Dazed, then eventually Project W...

    I guess I can deal with S.P.A.C.E and an action game in parallel as S.P.A.C.E. will be soon in balancing stage (which will be very complex... but not really technical or programming issues), but not all 3 at same time, this would be the best thing to make nothing.

    But it seems this small snippet of code got far more feedbacks that the others, so maybe I should reconsider priorities.


    But even so, do not expect new demo before an eventual graphist joined on board, because, as FrediFredo said, the game need improved graphs ,and new playing modes, options...

    Oh, and of course musics & sounds, but someone asked me already how to compose for Jag.


    This week, I needed to calm down after weeks of pre-RGC rush for S.P.A.C.E and hard night coding at RGC :D

    So I didn't really think about it yet.


    Guess I will also need to find proper names for S.P.A.C.E and Project W :D

    Someone has their hands full! B)


  4. Not tested yet as we didn't have one this week-end. Can you give me feedback if you test it, please ?




    Yas, that would be a great idea. Other solution would be to use same paddles than VCS (180° only instead of 360 rotary) because as LBM41 said, Warlord is for 180° controller, not 360°. As he is one of the biggest fan of VCS in France (you chould see his VCS cas, with LCD display incorporated, his homemade joystick, and all his stuff, impressive!!!), and fond of Warlords & co, I tend to believe him :lol: . He would like to work on kind of 180° paddle for Jaguar...

    Can do! I've have the day off and I've already VOTED! :lol:

  5. There is a documentation and two examples of use included in the distribution. Do you manage to compile the examples?

    HMMM, ok lets say I don't know a thing about any of this stuff. What do I use to compile file with and computer do I use the files on an Atrai ST or a PC with Windows 3.1, 95, 89 or XP? ;)

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