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  1. the OP list is double buffered


    this means that it is at the second vsync that you can be sure this will be displayed

    ok :)



    Another question :

    if we use the scale of sprite, can the sprite manager compute the new position in X and Y of the sprite to be always centered on a point ?

    or do we have to compute manually the position ? :)


  2. I guess it is sufficient in most of the cases but maybe you were something

    to a tricky scenario?

    In fact, it was because I would like to have a jump table before the main code to have the table at the same adresse for each compilation instead to make a copy at another location.

    Why would one do that ?


    It's to launch another bjl type application with a cleared environement. :)

    Ok I will do a code to stop the GPU/DSP.


    I have another question :

    do the GPU code started with the init_display_driver or is it running by default ?

    (same question with the DSP).




  3. - what is the right way to fill a buffer with a constant value ?

    3-use B_PATD to set fill pattern and work with PATDSEL ?

    - what is the right way to apply a logical operation to a buffer

    (for instance XORing with 0x80) ?

    1 or 2, I don't think that this will change something significaly.