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  1. And Yet Another !

    Already one year since the last time Happy birthday Symmetry !!
  2. Site Update: Jagworm Download!

    Hi ! I have tested JagWorm Graphics are very nice and it's a fun game But I have noticed that the game crashes, when it is starting, whith the JagCF connected into the cartridge slot. Does your game read or check something in the cartridge memory map ? (included EEPROM/GPIO1/2/3/4) (I haven't implemented yet all of these things on my JagCF so it could be the problem ) It would be fine that we found the origin of this problem, so I could add your game into my CF demos & mini games Regards.
  3. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    The JagCF DSP is designed to relieve the jaguar for hard and difficult work and also for CF management (multistreaming with very high speed data rate for exemple). It is not designed to replace the jaguar's own processors.
  4. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    The DSP have is own RAM and can execute code from the JagCF SDRAM (he have an instruction cache). It's impossible for external processor or others to access the jag internal ram as master. There is a bus controller into the jagcf and two internal bus : one intended for configuration or slow peripheral, and the other for high speed data rate (SDRAM access, DMAs...) The priority is for the Jag because it's impossible to add wait states on jag cartridge port (the wait pin on the cartridge port don't work correctly). But I have designed and optimised the jagcf bus controller to lost the less time possible on the jagcf bus. So a jag access take only about 4ticks @96MHz.
  5. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    Hi ! The shiped date is not available but one thing is sure : this is for this year. For this, I will see later on, because it's not the priority, I have more important things to work on, and both solution : allow or disallow cartridge "emulation" will take very little time for me. The price is not yet available, but will be soon (I hope in 4-5 month for the first production) I (and Zerosquare) work on tools for developers, on documentations, exemples and also we organize everythings for the production. Cheers.
  6. Encore Un Anniversaire...

  7. Ce Coup Ci C'est Pour L'├ęcureuil

    Et voici revenu le tour de Scrat !!! Et oui, deja, un an de plus Happy Birthday SCRAT !!
  8. Happy Birthday !

    Happy birthday Stabylo !
  9. Happy Birthday !

    Tu restes pas assez tard sur #jagware ?
  10. Anniversaire !

    Joyeux anniversaire Iceman !
  11. Birthday

    Happy birthday lynx64 !! (with 5H too late )
  12. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Happy birthday Seb !!
  13. Happy New Year !!

    Happy New Year !
  14. Happy Xmas

    Merry Christmas !
  15. Retro Gaming Connexion, Photos And Some Infos :

    Thanks Symmetry for your post I'm very happy to read that (I think others of JagWare also ) and give me more power to work always harder on the JagCF !
  16. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Happy Birthday Zerosquare !!
  17. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    happy birthday Orion !
  18. Another┬│ Birthday !!!

    Happy birthday Az !
  19. Yes Another Another Birthday !!

    Happy birthday Ray !
  20. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Bonne annive aussi a cOoper !!
  21. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Happy birthday fredifredo !
  22. Jagopedia

    You have forgot the Yaro forum in links section (Ok it's a french forum but important one ) Else it's a great Job !
  23. Le UART bug ...

    Hi ! Sorry about that, but I think that there is a misunderstanding. All things said before was only a "and if we made this" and a global information about law of reverse engineering and not a real temptation to reverse engineering BS or AirCars for exemple to copy the serial protocol of these games. We prefere all to find and create our own serial protocol to correct the Jaguar UART bug, but we haven't yet the time to search about that. So that's why we said just crazy idea Regards, SCPCD.
  24. Strange... I don't know why GT have made and used this function because this things as already said somewhere on jagware that a simple shlq is the same as shalq... EDIT : Link
  25. Welcome to the non-froggies people !!

    Welcome Tyrant !