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  1. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Happy birthday GT !!!
  2. Stabylo, One Year To Add !!

    happy birthday stabylo
  3. Last News !

    If I don't say wrong things, AC is in April
  4. Blitter Timing

    I'm not sure, but I think that neither of blitter's regs are double buffered. [edit : "The data registers may only be written to while the Blitter is idle." page 70/141 of the Jag_v8 documentation] There is the double buffer (for some registers) for the jag2 blitter.
  5. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Happy birthday ! (Déjà !!! )
  6. Happy Birthday ovalbugmann !
  7. Happy New Year !! 2008 Is Coming !!

    Happy New Year !
  8. Happy Birthday Cma Death Adder !

    Happy birthday !
  9. Always Anniv !

    Happy Birthday MK !
  10. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Happy Birthday Zerosquare !!!
  11. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

  12. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Happy Birthday Azrael !!
  13. Jagcf News

    Hi ! I'm working on the last hardware part of the JagCF before the launch of final proto. This is both new boards for testing JagCF new hardware that are not including onto my actual prototype : the first one : Spy Board (for spy the network with a PC) - JagCF Network the second one : Test Board - new JagCF Power circuitry (to have a better efficiency) - JagCF Network (because I haven't this onto my actual jagcf proto) - Integrated Catnip Regards !
  14. Jagcf News

    Thanks The purpose of The JagCF Network is to replace the actual jaguar network with many integreted features (network address, error checking, message with priority and other ). This is not compatible with the existing games.
  15. Yes Another Another Birthday !!

    Happy birthday ray !
  16. Blitter Timing

    I think that it's a pipelining effect that takes different time for a read or a write : a read from a slow memory to a fast memory is easily pipelined. The opposit is not so easy to avoid lose of cycles. GPU don't work in my example I'll try soon whith a code. When the GPU execute code from internal memory, it uses 50% MAX of the internal memory bandwidth. (1 instruction per cycle, and prefetch of 2 instructions, -> 1 memory access each 2 cycles) So blitt when gpu run at is higher speed reduce the blitt speed. I can verified it with the LA I will do it someday Exactly ! Thanks
  17. Blitter Timing

    in pixel mode we have same cycle time but insteed of a phrase it's a pixel size that is transfered : - in PIXEL1 there is 64 DRAM read - in PIXEL2 there is 32 DRAM read - in PIXEL4 there is 16 DRAM read - in PIXEL8 there is 8 DRAM read - in PIXEL16 there is 4 DRAM read - in PIXEL32 there is 2 DRAM read the number of cycle for each read/write is exactly the same as before depending of the source & destination. So for PIXEL16 in pixel mode, this is 4 times slower than in phrase mode. yes it's exactly the same result. (I haven't verified that datas are correct for less than 32bpp mode from & to the GPU)
  18. Blitter Timing

    I will try soon
  19. Virtual Jaguar Bjl Bin File Support

    \o/ Great Job Orion_ !
  20. Happy Birthday !!

    Happy birthday StarCat
  21. Questions: Graphic Defaults And Restrictions

    the only limitation on the jag is the bandwidth and the memory size (2MByte). only limited by the bandwith of the jag's memory. the jag can draw 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 24-bit sprite, for 1,2, 4 and 8 it uses a color palette. It's possible to draw easily (so with a not complex sprite engine) 5 full screen sprites (320x240x16-bit) by VBL. (but highest sprite is possible, see the Hi-rez demo) It's easy to draw >100 sprites 32x32x16bit by VBL. Regards.
  22. Another Birthday !!

    Happy birthday Marlysa !
  23. Display Problems

  24. Birthday (yes, Again :d)

    Bonne anniversaire
  25. One more year for Templeton & Xerus They start their 100th years Happy birthday !