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  1. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    I think that it's a very good idea
  2. 4 bitplanes color killer !!

    happy birthday
  3. Happy Birthday !!!

    N'anniv !
  4. Superfly DX

    A great game !
  5. Zero 5 killer !!!

  6. Pmdoomata Birthday !

    happy birthday !
  7. Happy Birthday Kuk !

    happy birthday kuk !
  8. Ce Coup Ci C'est Pour L'écureuil

    Happy birthday Scrat !
  9. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    bonne anniversaire
  10. Removers, Another B.... !

    Happy Birthday stabylo !
  11. This One's For Kskunk

    Happy birthday !
  12. Question about JagCD

    hmm I think that this could work. And what about rewrite the encrypt algorithme on a PC and use directly CD image ?
  13. Always Anniv !

    Happy Birthday MK !!
  14. Q&A about the Removers library

    I have seen the "irq_handler vblQueue[VBL_QUEUE_SIZE]" and "set_timer" function, but how can we add some interrupts handler that is called when an interrupt occured from other possible interrupts source on INT1 ? (from Tom or Jerry for exemple)
  15. Ovalbugman It's Your Turn !!!

    Happy birthday !!!
  16. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Tursi
  17. Q&A about the Removers library

    If I would like to run some C code from the cartridge memory, what sort of things should I pay attention ?
  18. Q&A about the Removers library

    Question about linking of C files : global variable declaration in a C file are they added in the DATA section or in the BSS section ? is malloc and memalign allocate memory into the BSS section ?
  19. Another Birthday Yes !!

    ben justement, ils travailent pour jagware ! ils preparent la releve Félicitation pour vous 2 en tout cas
  20. Q&A about the Removers library

    ok thanks =)
  21. Q&A about the Removers library

    ok Another question : if we use the scale of sprite, can the sprite manager compute the new position in X and Y of the sprite to be always centered on a point ? or do we have to compute manually the position ?
  22. Q&A about the Removers library

    another question about the sprite manager : is it double buffered ? or : at wich time the OP list is updated ? for example : if we attach a new object, then wait vsync, is it present on the screen or is it at the next vsync that it will be display ?
  23. Q&A about the Removers library

    In fact, it was because I would like to have a jump table before the main code to have the table at the same adresse for each compilation instead to make a copy at another location. It's to launch another bjl type application with a cleared environement. Ok I will do a code to stop the GPU/DSP. I have another question : do the GPU code started with the init_display_driver or is it running by default ? (same question with the DSP).
  24. Q&A about the Removers library

    I have two first questions about the Jag C library : - is it possible to add specific initialisation/code before entering the "main" function ? - can we "deinit" the library ? => desactivate GPU/DSP through a specific function ? => else how can we do make it properly ?