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  1. Jagcode 2 Entries

    I'm a little surprised that nobody here has even mentioned their JagCode work! Since it's a different environment than JS2 I was expecting a different, maybe more technical, conversation. Anything to be said guys? SPCPD, want to talk about your OP processor? (I'm curious about how much work it was to get that many moving objects on the spiral screen). Orion, any thoughts on building your poly engine? Anyone know who did The MAXX?
  2. Jagcode 2 Entries

    Your post is great, SCPCD, thanks for going into such detail for me. I was definately curious and you answered my question very well. After watching your spirals again and again, I found myself wondering whether you could get anything more out of the memory bandwidth by inlining your Bitmap objects with the OPL itself... potentially to reduce page hits - each object header would lead right into the bitmap graphics for that object and in most cases at least the first bit would be on the same page of DRAM. Since Bitmap objects have a link address anyway, you easily skip the data for the next object. (This approach does not lend itself to a dynamic list, though). Based on what you say about the author of The MAXX, Zero, I think I offended him (assuming 'he') and he's the one who mailed me at JSII, cause I sure didn't recognize his name. To be honest when I saw it under Virtual Jaguar I was a lot more impressed than under Project Tempest - it's nicely polished for what it does. If he could snag a license he could make a killer game there.
  3. Audio Pitfalls

    Nice! That may very well explain why I've had so much trouble talking to SD over the I2S bus! Saving this info off for later!
  4. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Dude! I didn't look at that the first time through. That is a bloody *awesome* picture. Nice work!
  5. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Nice infodump, Seb!
  6. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Yeah, I've seen the old videos. I wanted to see your sprite test!
  7. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Don't be sorry for using your own language! -- I need the practice to retain my Canadianism. If you could say more phrases like "no sugar added!" and "free toy inside!", it would help me remember my childhood reading the French side of cereal boxes. I believe I worked it out on paper once myself - if you do the math about when the scanlines draw I think it works out. I can't give an example right now because I'm at work, but draw it out on paper and I think it makes sense. I haven't had a look at the library yet, but the specs sounded nice. Do you have some videos on the page? (I will go look now.)
  8. A propos des sprites zoomes

    I'm not sure I fully understand the question, but remember how the sprite scaling works - it's just a simple counter per scanline. IIRC, decrementing by 1 at the beginning makes the first scanline appear on a sprite that is scaled down -- otherwise it usually skips the first scanline. Typically it looks better to have the first scanline present and let it skip the next one. Does that help?
  9. Removers Lib And Visual Studio Express?

    I think a lot of commercial Jag games were done in C -- Doom had a lot of C (custom GPU compiler notwithstanding). C code on the 68k purely is never going to be anywhere near the Jag's top performance, but that doesn't mean it can't do a game. Seb's library is a good step in that direction since it accelerates low level details for you, reducing the impact. I'm curious about your plans for the lib, Seb?
  10. Happy Birthday

    hehehe... thanks guys! Merci!
  11. L'optimisation Du Code 68000

    Excellent, that tip worked.
  12. L'optimisation Du Code 68000

    Ah, merci! I'll try that.
  13. L'optimisation Du Code 68000

    Hehe.. I didn't notice the 2006 date either. Templeton's post was the first new one I have seen since Oct 10th!! My system won't cache the cookies for this board correctly - I can't stay logged in and it doesn't correctly show the new posts. :/
  14. L'optimisation Du Code 68000

    On the subject of 68k optimization tricks, I found this article a pretty cool list of specific techniques: http://linux.cis.monroeccc.edu/~paulrsm/doc/trick68k.htm
  15. Bienvenue à tous les nouveaux !

    Merci and thanks all! I'm Canadian so I can read French at a cereal box level! I am hoping to get a bit better at it while I'm here.
  16. Bienvenue à tous les nouveaux !

    Bonjour! Je m'appelle Tursi! And that's about all the French I trust myself to write right now... I can just read enough to be dangerous, less confident on writing. There's a lot of good technical information here, so far as I've seen so far. I hope you all don't mind that I can't participate too much in the correct language (I'm not even gonna TRY using BabelFish). But I figured if I was lurking I should at least say hello!