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  1. Salut Jagware,


    I am looking for a Coder or coder-crew for

    1) a Puzzle game (lynx or Jag)

    2) a 2D vertical scrolling shooter a la Wings of death (I did send GT Turbo a mail but not sure if email adress was correct)


    The Puzzle game is rather low-profile technology wise while the Shooter requires a little more effort (think Wings of death with 2 layer scrolling and bigger enemies, all in 8bit).

    Game Design documentation and art/sound assets exist.


    please mail to dherrix@yahoo.de (I sent code requests to Jagware and Planet Atari Germany only)




    Daniel Hericks


  2. hi ya,


    as a non-froggi its sometimes hard to dig whats happenin on jagware despite your hounorable efforts to let us english speakin freax have an insight into the french scene


    i am interrested in all the games and demos you guys make and would like to have an overview like in Atari Age :whistling:

    its kind of more transparent and interresting to surf through....

    just an idea to optimise Jagware. lovin it B)


    all the best !!!


    daniel hericks