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  1. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    I didn't remember reading something like this on Yaronet ??? Especiallu, numerous time. Usually, the Skunk is well appreciated here, even if only a few of Yaronet users have one (no official communication done here, but you are welcome to post in english if you want, like superfighter team, matashen, atari owl and some other s)
  2. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Unfortunately, it will be very hard for me to come to Paris during working week, especially now that my sons sport activities have started again... It would have been a pleasure to meet you, but I hope we will have another occasion.
  3. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    I live near Orléans (a little more than 100 km from Paris). Maybe we could try to schedule something during the week-end ? When will you be in France ?
  4. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    IIRC, Scatologic stated many times on JS2 that there is a protection in Battlesphere, preventing it from running from something else that original cartridge, so there is no reason to not believe them. Btw, this is not the primary reason for this cartridge
  5. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    Who cares ? A silent game is a really elegant solution (do not care, this is a very old private joke between former french Lynx homebrewers and former Jagware guys ) Which kind of mini-games do you think of ? Really small levels like a Wario Ware or Hot Pixel (for PSP) - ie, only a few second to understand what to do and do it, or more consequent ones ? I guess that integration of games made in ASM or C is not a problem for you ? Edit : if poulpes are involded in gaphs, I guess that I would be interested (as long as smashing poulpes is not forbidden of course)
  6. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    Is the in game music really mandatory ?
  7. A.C. is finished and two new games are started !!

    I'm also sure that Baby Poulpe will also be a great addition to Falcon library (maybe a STE version also) ? Fadest, back in hibernation for 12 months, the person you try to contact is not available right now :asleep:
  8. Jaguar pad autofire mod

    Nice !!! [dumb mode on] Does it works with Superfly DX %) [dumb mode off]
  9. Quelque part, beaucoup de jeux 2D actuels (bon, depuis la Dreamcast disons) sont en fait des jeux 3D sur un seul plan car les machines sont plus adaptées à faire des objets 3D plats avec texture que de la vraie 2D, en plus ça permet quelques effets sympa. Ikaruga par exemple mais plein d'autres (SF4, ...) Sinon, et là, la question est plus pour seb, vu ue AW est basé sur un langage de script, ça voudrait dire qu'il serait possible de réutiliser le moteur que tu as porté, e définir de nouveaux modèles vectoriel, d'écrire de nouveaux scripts et de faire donc un nouveau jeu (pas forcément dans le style AW d'ailleurs) ? au cas ou ce soit techniquement envisageable, tu penses que ça poserait des problèmes vis à vis d'Eric Chahi ?
  10. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    IIRC, they do not work on XP, until you use DOSBOX or similar program. I tried to setup this long ago on a Win XP, but had some problems with aln and/or madmac and wait following AC to go on Linux. Now that there are sln/smac, I guess this may be the best option.
  11. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    Nice and cool game...
  12. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    Some people bought a or made a rotary, essentially to play with Tempest 2K hidden mode, because few games can use it. But managing rotary is really easy. Let's have a look on theory : 7.2 Example digital paddle code =================================== A digital paddle is read in exactly the same way as a joypad, it is simply the interpretation that is different. In order to read a digital paddle, you will also need some kind of "memory element" - for example a static variable called last_position. Essentially the paddle will give out the following sequences: - LEFT, NONE, RIGHT, LEFT... for anticlockwise - RIGHT, NONE, LEFT, RIGHT... for clockwise As a programmer you simply need to know the last position the paddle was in. If it is the same as the current one, the paddle has not been turned, otherwise you can determine which direction it was turned in from the information above. For example if the last position was with "LEFT" apparently pressed, then if the current position is also LEFT, the paddle has not moved. If the current position is RIGHT, the paddle has been moved clockwise. If there are NONE depressed (i.e. neither left nor right), then the paddle has been moved anticlockwise. Get it? Source : http://www.gamesx.com/controldata/ejp_faq.htm So basically, we only need to check current pad status, and keep a trace of old pad status. Here is a simple implementation or management routine in C, with Removers library (in detailled algorithmic/basic style to remains readable) int old_dataJoypad; // needed for memory : 0 = none / 1 = left / 2 = right void rotary() { unsigned long dataJoypad; read_joypad_state(joypads); // get state of every jagpads dataJoypad = joypads->j1; // we only manage jagpad 1 for this demonstration routine if (dataJoypad & JOYPAD_LEFT) { if (old_dataJoypad == 2) { // do whatever you need to move anticlockwise } else if (old_dataJoypad == 0) { // do whatever you need to move clockwise } old_dataJoypad = 1; } else if (dataJoypad & JOYPAD_RIGHT) { if (old_dataJoypad == 1) { // do whatever you need to move clockwise } else if (old_dataJoypad == 0) { // do whatever you need to move anticlockwise } old_dataJoypad = 2; } else { if (old_dataJoypad == 1) { // do whatever you need to move anticlockwise } else if (old_dataJoypad == 2) { // do whatever you need to move clockwise } old_dataJoypad = 0; } } You will soon notice that if you call this routine only once in a VBL, it won't work as expected. This is because the rotary is far more sensible than 50 or 60hz. So between 2 read, you may miss some positions (remember this visual illusion how sometimes wheels seems to turn anticlockwise on TV ? same here). So we need to put the call of rotary() subroutine into an interruption. // First, interrupts must be initialized via call of function. Basically, put this call in main() init_interrupts(); // Then, somewhere when we want interrupt to start, we need to use the set_timer firunction, in order to program an automatic call of rotary() : set_timer(200<<16 | 360,rotary); Just have a look here if you want more explanation on set_timer() : http://www.os-forum.com/minix/net/general-...p?commentid=284 Basically, first parameter set interruption timer, second is the name of the function to be called. The parameters I used are empiric, you'd better read explanation in order to calculate which one fit the best to your needs. As you can see, managing rotary on Jaguar is really easy (this applies also to STE & Falcon of course).
  13. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    I will come back lacter with Market explanation, as it is not implemented yet. So let's jump directly to last action Action 7/ Prospection This action is very simple, you get 1 free material. The choice will depend on your probabilities of finding each material, if you have a look at bottom of build list, you will notice that some builds affect these probabilities (it is also used for terraforming, it affects which kind of material the planet will produce) This action is different from the other, because it does not affect other player, and give no extra bonus. Or you may consider it a wait move : do nothing (everyone) and give 1 material as bonus (player who chosed this action). This kind action exist in Puerto Rico, only when number of player is sufficient (but Puerto Rico does not have same role selection mechanism if you look closely at the first posts, so this action is only to allways give last player a choice between a standard role and get 1 bonus for himself only) This may be useful when you need an extra material and don't want to chose explore to go back on a asteroid or production, because this would imply to let opponent explore and produce (or maybe, you expect your opponent to chose explore & production and want another material, but be careful, if everyone act like you....)
  14. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Note : in Research screen, Terroforming option have been removed and mix in Explore, in order to share the range characteristic. Action 5/ Build No screenshot yet Building is the heart of the game. It will allow you to get larger exploration area, terraforming capacity and improve it, increase production process. In order to build,you will need to have the minimum XP points spent in research areas, and it will cost some materials. Here is the work in progress list of build options, with name, experience required, cost needed and desciption of bonus. Sparrow decenium Range=2 Efficiency=0 Length=0 Hg=5 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Add 1 range Sparrow centenium Range=5 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=10 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Add 2 range Sparrow millenium Range=2 Efficiency=3 Length=3 Hg=10 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Allow terraforming Terraforming delay - 1 Falcon decenium Range=3 Efficiency=1 Length=0 Hg=3 Pl=2 Xe=0 Au=0 Add 1 range Falcon centenium Range=5 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=6 Pl=2 Xe=1 Au=1 Add 2 range Falcon millenium Range=2 Efficiency=3 Length=3 Hg=5 Pl=3 Xe=0 Au=0 Allow terraforming Terraforming delay - 1 Eagle decenium Range=4 Efficiency=3 Length=0 Hg=4 Pl=3 Xe=2 Au=2 Add 2 range Eagle centenium Range=6 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=3 Au=3 Add 4 range Eagle millenium Range=3 Efficiency=3 Length=5 Hg=4 Pl=3 Xe=2 Au=2 Allow terraforming Terraforming delay - 2 Phoenix decenium Range=5 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=2 Pl=2 Xe=2 Au=2 Allow to take 1 ressource to opponent during Explore phase Phoenix centenium Range=5 Efficiency=7 Length=7 Hg=2 Pl=2 Xe=2 Au=2 Unterraform a planet during Terraforming phase // 1 use only Phoenix millenium Range=9 Efficiency=9 Length=9 Hg=10 Pl=10 Xe=10 Au=10 Explore range = max Terraforming delay = min Goose decenium Range=2 Efficiency=3 Length=0 Hg=5 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Give 1 exp bonus at each exploration Goose centenium Range=3 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=5 Pl=2 Xe=0 Au=0 Give 2 exp bonus at each exploration Goose millenium Range=3 Efficiency=5 Length=0 Hg=2 Pl=2 Xe=2 Au=2 Give 1 exp bonus at each asteroid discover Duck decenium Range=3 Efficiency=3 Length=0 Hg=0 Pl=5 Xe=2 Au=2 Give 1 exp bonus at each planet discover Duck centenium Range=2 Efficiency=3 Length=3 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=1 Au=1 Give 2 exp bonus at each terraforming Duck millenium Range=2 Efficiency=5 Length=5 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=1 Au=1 Give 4 exp bonus at each terraforming Cow generator Efficiency=1 Hg=3 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Add 1 Hg to production capacity Blondie generator Efficiency=2 Hg=3 Pl=2 Xe=0 Au=0 Add 1 Pl to production capacity R2X1 automate Efficiency=3 Hg=0 Pl=1 Xe=0 Au=0 Give 1 exp bonus at each production Squirrel generator Efficiency=4 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=2 Au=2 Add 1 Xe to production capacity Jack potential Efficiency=5 Hg=5 Pl=5 Xe=5 Au=5 Double production R2X2 automate Efficiency=6 Hg=0 Pl=0 Xe=2 Au=2 Give 2 exp bonus at each production Gold generator Efficiency=7 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=3 Au=3 Add 1 Au to production capacity Megajack potential Efficiency=8 Hg=10 Pl=10 Xe=10 Au=10 Double production R2X3 automate Efficiency=9 Hg=0 Pl=0 Xe=3 Au=3 Give 3 exp bonus at each production Hippie Pourrah Efficiency=10 Hg=20 Pl=20 Xe=20 Au=20 Double production Hydrogen Market Efficiency=1 Hg=5 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Exchange rate Hydrogen 3:1 Platinium Market Efficiency=2 Hg=3 Pl=2 Xe=0 Au=0 Exchange rate Platinium 3:1 Xerium Market Efficiency=2 Hg=3 Pl=0 Xe=2 Au=2 Exchange rate Xerium 3:1 Super Market Efficiency=4 Hg=2 Pl=2 Xe=2 Au=2 Exchange rate all 3:1 Gazoduc Efficiency=5 Hg=8 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Exchange rate Hydrogen 2:1 Platoduc Efficiency=6 Hg=4 Pl=3 Xe=0 Au=0 Exchange rate Platinium 2:1 Nutoduc Efficiency=6 Hg=4 Pl=0 Xe=3 Au=3 Exchange rate Xerium 2:1 Hyper Market Efficiency=8 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=3 Au=3 Exchange rate all 2:1 Tera Market Efficiency=8 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=3 Au=3 Exchange rate all 2:1 Alchemist Efficiency=10 Hg=5 Pl=5 Xe=5 Au=5 Exchange rate all 1:1 Platinium detector Platinium=1 Xerium=0 Gold=0 Hg=4 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Increase Platinium probability Platinium sniffer Platinium=3 Xerium=0 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=2 Xe=0 Au=0 Increase Platinium probability Platinium extractor Platinium=7 Xerium=0 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=5 Xe=1 Au=1 Increase Platinium probability Strat-o-platinium Platinium=10 Xerium=0 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=5 Xe=3 Au=3 Increase Platinium probability Xerium detector Platinium=0 Xerium=2 Gold=0 Hg=6 Pl=0 Xe=0 Au=0 Increase Xerium probability Xerium sniffer Platinium=0 Xerium=4 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=2 Xe=1 Au=1 Increase Xerium probability Xerium extractor Platinium=0 Xerium=8 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=1 Xe=3 Au=3 Increase Xerium probability Scrat-o-xerium Platinium=0 Xerium=10 Gold=0 Hg=3 Pl=3 Xe=5 Au=5 Increase Xerium probability Golden eye Platinium=0 Xerium=0 Gold=5 Hg=10 Pl=5 Xe=0 Au=0 Increase Gold probability Gold finder Platinium=0 Xerium=0 Gold=10 Hg=10 Pl=10 Xe=5 Au=5 Increase Gold probability
  15. Deleted Posts - But Not Going

    Hi, I think everyone can understand that jag community can be very depressive from time to time But we should remember that we are all here for the fun and love of the jag, Everyone needs to take a breathe sometime, do something else, change priorities, and come back later with more motivation. I personnaly take short or long period without any coding, stepping outside the community just to come back stronger. I'm glad to see you are not leaving, I was curious for ages to learn something about your project, but today, with this picture, you made a great teaser, voxel and 3D polygons, and rumors speaking of an adventure-RPGisg style of game ? This sounds really promising... but also a hard and long road.
  16. Next Release :

    I'm really sorry to hear that demotivation (let's stay politically correct, also my englick vocabulary lacks certains expression I guess ) has won. I hope you will enjoy your next adventure, whatever it will be, and who knows..., once you have been bitten by the Jag, you can't live forever away of it I should add unfortunately, concerning certain guys :roll:
  17. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    Great video ! It's nice to see this kind of effort in homebrew world, let's hope it will help other developper to make new games. Thanks you very much !
  18. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    I have no clue about the CD encryption process and no CD player so I can't help, but manual and sources for the Skunkboard are here : http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/showpr...arch=skunkboard As there is a kind of white board between PC & Jaguar for debugging if I remember correctly, Jaguar may be able to send datas to PC...
  19. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    In fact, the last "screenshot" was just a tentative concept artwork. But I do not have graphics skill nor time to convert it into sprites and integrate it into game. The game have not been significantly changed since last RGC, I am still looking for a good idea for graphics representation that I could do myself, but have no real idea. This is a kind of background running process When I will be ready, I hope to restart it and add into code some ideas I have.
  20. Pictures From Outer-ac2009

    Au début, pour la mienne, je pensais au milieu de la nuit. Juste avant que tu n'ailles te coucher et couper les lumière, j'avais cru te voir mitrailler les limaces et les zombies, mais vu que GT est au premier plan, je me suis dit que ce ne devais pas être au milieu de la nuit finalement
  21. Pictures From Outer-ac2009

    Il manque tout de même l'heure à laquelle chacune de ces photos a été prise
  22. Pictures From Outer-ac2009

    Ouch, le "réveil" était rude...
  23. Jagcf Final Prototypes

    Versailles, France...
  24. What ? A New Free Game !!!!!

    This is a really nice action/reflexion game, with beautiful graphs. The games have been nicely polished. Well done Matmook & Bear.
  25. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    I also thought of adding an extra wood palissade in front of stone wall. Some "moving" army men on the wall could give an extra life to the game, great idea.