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  1. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Thanks, I have found the last binary version, don't know if I put it here many years ago, so I put it right now. Construction should be working, the game was too "slow" in my opinion, too much turns at the start to build your economy, and there is this problem of memory corruption that occured after 1 or 2 hours. And no save of course... Space.bin
  2. Some of you may know, but I am also addicted to boardgames, and especially what we call Eurogames. No geographic discrimination in this (some of the best eurogames are written by americans like Alan Moon or Tom Lehman), but this kind of boardgames have been reinvented in Germany (let's say that the starting poing could be Settlers of Catan) and define a new kind of standard : - no random or limited random (light use of dices if needed) - usually less than 2h of play (mostly 1h) - the them is not the most important part, mechanism are the heart of the game. Well, if you want more informations on boardgames, you can have a look on http://www.boardgamegeek.com in english or http://www.trictrac.net for french people. This project is about using some mechanisms inspired by boardgames I like and practice into a new videogame. It will not be a straight port from an existing game. It will not be a straight transcription of a boardgame that I could create. OK, let's start to explain the concept. This game is for 1 to 4 players. So, all informations must be visible, you cannot imagine to reproduce hidden card from player's hand if his opponent can look at the screen. Also, it must allow players to act simultaneously, and not to let one player at a time to play. The theme is based on space exploration. Each player start from its own plante and will develop his empire by exploration, colonisation. In order to progress and get new technologies, he will need to do some research. In order to build these new technologies, he will ned to get materials... The main screen of the game is a dashboard where every player can see some of his characteristics : He can also choose one of the 7 possible actions. Every player choose in secret his action. Then, the turn can start. The possible actions are : Explore = explore intersideral map, in order to discover new planets, asteroids... Terraform = colonise a newly discovered planet... Product = for each of the 4 material, the stock will be incremented by the prod capacity... Research = spend experience points into different capacities, in order to discover new technologies... Build = build a new techology, once discovered... Market = trade material... Prospect = get 1 free material... Once every player has chosen his action, a recapitulative dashboard is displayed : Now, a few words on action selection. Except for prospection, when a player chose an action, every other player will be able to perform this action. But the player(s) who chosed it wil get a special bonus. This is done to avoid player to wait to long for another player. And also, thi include a part of double-guessing in game (I think he will choose this so I can choose this other, but if no one...). With prospect action, you only get 1 free goods, randomly chosen (depending on your prospection skill). In next posts, I will explain each possible actions and specific bonus. Here is the alpha demo version. It allows only one player, and IA are not operant. Build and Market actions are not active. Terraform action is not active because Colonisation status is Off (it will be enable via Build action) Space.zip On title screen, you can adjust it to your TV set by pressing C button and moving D-pad. You can change the background by pressing B button and moving D-pad left and right (5 different background are available) Press A to start game. The player selection menu is displayed but not operative. Press C button to go to main game menu. Then select an action with Jagpad. The red square near player avatar indicates that everyone has made his choice. Press A. You can have a look on different action screens. I will get back to each of them later in this topic.
  3. Don't expect to learn something useful from this, but here are the lastest version of source code for Dazed vs and Blackhole. Remember that both games have mostly been coded in a one day&night effort during an AC event, so nothing has been pu on paper before, and most evrything is coded with GT favorite methode : "La Rache"... Dazed could be a kind of Match-3 game but with some twist that has never been copied (and if you try, you will find why) BlackHole is a Space War like game, up to 8 players (but honestly, never tested with 8 jagpads), IIRC there is only the game engine Dazed_source.zip Blackhole_source.zip
  4. In the not so old videogame history, there are some myths or legends that will never die. Warlords is one of them. Go to a retro gaming convention and set 4 players in front of a VCS with the amazing Warlords and the also amazing Medieval Mayhem and everyone will come and stop in order to look at the game, and play one, even if retro gaming is a synonym of Playstation or Dreamcast for them. This is the kind of game that you would like to have on your beloved <insert favorite device> system. This is the kind of game that some programmers say they may want to recode, just for fun. Once again, last week, we spent some time on Medieval Mayhem on an incredible VCS box with flat monitor included. Once again, someone said that a Jaguar version would be nice. But this time, we decided to stop talking and start coding. So we just sat in front of our computers, digged some graphisms from previously unreleased games. I went with the jaguar version during a part of the night and the morning, in order to let people try it during the afternoon. So enclosed is the result of this part-night work, a simple Warlods-like game. Of course, there is a lot of things that are missing, there are still a lots of bugs, and the code is so crappy that in 2 weeks, I won't be able to understand why I decided to add these nasty lines at 6AM, just in order to make it work. And maybe Seb will no more have his headache just because he spent some time in the afternoon, trying to understand code and debug some collision routs Take this ROM as a test code, this is not a safe basis for a Warlord clone, not even a promise to realse such a game, but I would be stupid to forget it just because it is badly written. Have fun and do not hesitate to give some feedbacks. ProjectW.zip
  5. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Ok, don't know if one could find some interest in this, but here is what is probably the lastest version of source code of Project W. It should works with rotaries IIRC (with automatic detection), but not tested recently (the .bin file is also included in the archive) I probably coulnd't be of any help if someone try to lose his mental health by reading it... ProjectW_source.zip
  6. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Sorry, no more Jaguar at home, and no will to come back to Jaguar coding right now. I kept all the ideas of this game somewhere, maybe it may revive on another (plat)form.
  7. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    Remember the game was made in something like 12 hours, during night, so the code is really crappy. I guess that a talented and motivated coder should better start from scratch. With the new tools available for the Jaguar, it sould be done pretty quickly... But it will not be me as I have my Jaga 2 years ago, maybe I still have the sourcecode somewhere, but belive me : it is really useless and crappy (can't imagine how many ugly coding things one can do at 5am...)
  8. An Amiga who run nicely !?!

    @GT : if you want an Amiga at home, I can give you one next time we meet, but be careful, the Falcon is usually very jealous and try to suicide itself %)
  9. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Bah... The Jag is like the Lynx : mp3 compliant Btw, I have an even better excuse, I'm overbooked right now and have no time and no will to take some time to code But congrats to you Linko for doing this great (but futile ) sound engine.

    I had the same problem, fortunately, SCPCD repaired it. Kskunk told me that he could make a patch to use one of the other USB port (a modded BJL jag would have been required in order to flash the skunkboard), but he probably didn't write it as I found another solution.
  11. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    This is not cancelled but I have not ork on this for a (long) while. There are still some things to do for technology, to implement the market, but the biggest problem is that last time I tested it for a long time, I had memory corruption and program crashes, so I need to find why, but it is not easy to play for 1 hour or 2 in order to make a (nearly random) bug appear, and having to retry if I don't find why... And of course, there are still no AI, and this will be a big job to implement.
  12. Kobayashi Maru

    Petit souci de copier/coller ?
  13. AC 2011

    The Superfly special pad was your work, right ? It is really nice, and it's very fun to play Superfly with it.
  14. AC 2011

    This is a great idea, maybe we could make a burning Jag cartridges juggling contest
  15. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    It is said it will not be the classic Tetris as found on Game Boy. It could be The Next Tetris, Tetris Gaiden (which is used for RGC contests), Tetrisnoid (in fact, I guess it will not be this one ) or the silly thing I would like to do
  16. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    Hi Linkovitch, Just to tell you that the theme of the coding challenge of the AC has been revealed : it will be Tetris. So you can start working on graphs, assets & code if you want. Specific rules should be known at the beginning of the context if I understood correctly.
  17. Help VBI randomness!

    another idea... Are you sure the new file use CR+LF as line end characters ? Some code editors can detect format of existing files (in fact reuse same line character) but use their own setup by default ? So maybe your 2 files are not really the same (do they have the same size in bytes ?)
  18. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    Yes, nothing really impressing. Last year, there was a set of rules, 3 of them were known before the convention (multiplayer game, goal zone, ?), so we could start coding (IIRC, nobody did), last ones (projectile, bonus/malus) were known just before or at the convetion but have been cancelled or ignored because we had imagined some concepts that did not fit with them . That gave Black Hole Jaguar (playable but lacks many things), Dragibug Jaguar (playable) and Baby poulpe Falcon (concept). 2 years ago, the goal was to make a version of Ladybug. That gave A bug's Lynx (playable), Ladybug first alpha (playable, and rewritten after the show in the Ladybug you know), and a Pacman clone on Amiga. Years before, it was just a challenge on our (mostly my in fact ) own, first time, if was a challenge to code a jag game (for jag coder coder beginner in 24h) : Dazed. Second attempt, it was a stupid idea in the middle of the night : make a Jag (and Falc and PSX) version of Warlords : Project W. My personal goal in this challenge is to have some playable, enjoyable is a plus of course. Basically, this is a reminiscence of my young years, when I only had a ST with monochrome monitor : we were used to draw some sprites, code some GFA gameplay, in 2 hours, then play all the evening with a crap game As you can see, this is mostly for fun and for having something to do during night, instead of tying to play some obscure and/or insane games
  19. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    Great, a new contestant for the coding challenge (don't forget your C Vitamin, GT Turbo is in charge of Dragibus supply )
  20. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    SubqMod site seems to be down, but via Google cache, you can access a copy of the download page, and files are still on line. SubQMod Download page in google cache (cf 2nd and 4th "Download" link) I included both sources but I didn't try to compile them Hope this can help you. sln_1.0.0_src.zip smac_1.0.16_src.zip
  21. OSX Assembler & Linker for Jag

    Edit : I just reread your message, you have a PowerPC laptop, so my post is inaccurate. Sorry You may have a look on the archive jagdevoxxx86.zip on Belboz site http://www.hillsoftware.com/?page_id=14 It seems to have sln, smac and also vbcc for C programming (I have not test it as I do not have an OSX computer)
  22. 2011, year of releases ?

    We can never be sure, but when I saw the commitment Atari Owl and Starcat put in these projects, the work that has already been done (especially on AO's project, because EErivale restart from scratch - same ambition, but different gameplay), the fact that they are working on them for so many time, that EErivale is not only a videogame but a whole "cross-media" project (with novels, partially already written),... I am fully confident. But of course, they chosed a really hard and long road with this kind of game, so I'm not expecting them to be out this year and I hope they won't lose motivation. I voted for Impulse X because it is really close to be completed, and I played it with my rotary at the last EJagfest. Iwas used to play Arkanoid clones with a mouse on ST/Falcon, but the rotary is a blast. I hope Impulse X will be released on cartridge (there will be a CD version, but cartridge was still an open option).
  23. ejagfest photos & mini reoprt

    Of course not, but Spectrum has been a bit outclassed by Amstrad and Oric here, not mentionning ... Thomson
  24. ejagfest photos & mini reoprt

    You have my Go for releasing the video About friday night, in fact, I was waiting for you but didn't know what you look like. I saw a first group of 4 englishmen but obviously, it wasn't you. Then I get back to bedromm and spend 1 hour to make the skunboard driver work on my netboot I played a bit and start thinking of sleeping when I heard you. I had a quick look at your car, saw it has inverted control command and lots of stuff in it... Saturday morning, I saw Gaztee & Linkovitch Atari TShirt at restaurant but the english part of my brain was not awaken yet After the show, I saw a kind of miracle, we all know the proverbial german sense of efficiency, and english sense of anticipation. This is probably in a bar that this will give the best combination of talents At a time, you even had a spare beer in front of you, while you even haven't start the one before But you know, the great thing about not drinking alcohol is that you remember everything the day after. On the other side, this is also the worst part of not drinking . Yes, I remember that you skinhead typical brits are in fact heavy metal fans that use to have 3 feet long hairs and a spectrum at home when they were young, not mentionning muguk passion for bubblegum machines when he was young
  25. ejagfest photos & mini reoprt

    Nice pics ! Maybe all theses equipment have drink too much beer on saturday ? Did you have some snow during your return trip ? Btw, it was really nice to meet and (mostly) listen you, even with discussing would have been great too. I need to improve my english "quick understanding" skills before next time