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  1. In the not so old videogame history, there are some myths or legends that will never die. Warlords is one of them. Go to a retro gaming convention and set 4 players in front of a VCS with the amazing Warlords and the also amazing Medieval Mayhem and everyone will come and stop in order to look at the game, and play one, even if retro gaming is a synonym of Playstation or Dreamcast for them. This is the kind of game that you would like to have on your beloved <insert favorite device> system. This is the kind of game that some programmers say they may want to recode, just for fun. Once again, last week, we spent some time on Medieval Mayhem on an incredible VCS box with flat monitor included. Once again, someone said that a Jaguar version would be nice. But this time, we decided to stop talking and start coding. So we just sat in front of our computers, digged some graphisms from previously unreleased games. I went with the jaguar version during a part of the night and the morning, in order to let people try it during the afternoon. So enclosed is the result of this part-night work, a simple Warlods-like game. Of course, there is a lot of things that are missing, there are still a lots of bugs, and the code is so crappy that in 2 weeks, I won't be able to understand why I decided to add these nasty lines at 6AM, just in order to make it work. And maybe Seb will no more have his headache just because he spent some time in the afternoon, trying to understand code and debug some collision routs Take this ROM as a test code, this is not a safe basis for a Warlord clone, not even a promise to realse such a game, but I would be stupid to forget it just because it is badly written. Have fun and do not hesitate to give some feedbacks. ProjectW.zip
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