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  1. Pmdoomata Birthday !

    bon anniv' pmdata
  2. Warning : Do Not Archive Your Private Messages !

    It does not seem to work.
  3. Warning : Do Not Archive Your Private Messages !

    Is this resolved?
  4. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Bon anniversaire GT! Vivement que tu mettes le turbo
  5. Jagcd Encryption Using Bjl Cable Only

    Maybe I can try to hack it myself. I guess an ATARI version would be cool also.
  6. Jagcd Encryption Using Bjl Cable Only

    Great job! And what about a linux version ?
  7. Stabylo, One Year To Add !!

    eh oui, bon anniversaire M Boss
  8. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    I know I can hack myself the code Anyway, it seems that you can emulate the division unit of the GPU/DSP by doing q = a/b REMAIN = a%b if (q & 1) == 0 then REMAIN-=b; For the 16.16 division, it is simply the result of dividing (a << 16) by b (48 bits integer for (a << 16))
  9. Blitter Timing

    Yes, I have seen that also in the doc. So this could mean that some of the registers are double buffered (in particular, almost all of the address registers) Does anybody have tested this?
  10. Jag Screensaver

  11. Blitter Timing

    Ok, not really related but I have a question about the blitter: do the registers are double buffered? (this would mean that we can prepare the next blit while the current one is being completed) if yes, which ones exactly?
  12. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Merci les amis Zero: sacrés perroquets
  13. Vieilles Demos Avec Photos De La Jc 2005

    Thanks for this! Does this work also on 60 Hz Jag? (this may explain why I was unable to test it on my Alpine )
  14. A propos des sprites zoomes

    so, after examination of the NET files, it is not exactly what is implemented. The correct program is rather: ;; d0.b = REMAINDER ;; d1.b = VSCALE ;; d2.w = HEIGHT ;; d3.w = DWIDTH ;; a0 = DATA sub.b #1<<5,d0; subtract 1 to REMAINDER .adjust: cmp.b #1<<5,d0; compare to 1 (instead of 0)!! bpl.s .done add.w d3,a0; next line add.b d1,d0; REMAINDER += VSCALE subq.w #1,d2; height-- bpl.s .adjust .done: ;; update values (REMAINDER, HEIGHT, DATA) This explains why it does not work correctly when VSCALE >= (7<<5). (since in this case, overflow can occur) Also, I believe the ideal initial value for the REMAINDER is 1<<5 + VSCALE - 1
  15. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Looking at the NET files (thanks SCPCD ) we learn that SCALED sprites are displayed as long as VC >= YPOS & (HEIGHT >0 || ((HEIGHT == 0) && (integer part of REMAINDER > 0)) hence the fix
  16. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    Thanks for this. Do you emulate the GPU pipeline also? About division, how do you emulate 16.16 division? What is a 16.16 division? Do you also emulate that the G_REMAIN does not necessary contain the remainder but a value that permits to compute the remainder?
  17. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Yes, there are some examples (with videos) on the page. Since the API has not changed, I have not updated the examples though. Cheers
  18. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Sorry Tursi for the french My question was about the "height" field of scaled sprites. I believe I read somewhere that height of scaled sprites has to be decremented by one. But I can't remember where I have seen that and just asked if anyone also read that. From my experiment, if height is not decremented, then the last line seems to be corrupted. I even believe that the fix proposed was to add an empty (black) line at the end of each scaled sprites. Anyway, thanks for your help. Have you seen the new release of my library? I am pretty proud of the way the OP list is built now
  19. Removers Lib And Visual Studio Express?

    Hello, finally, I finished the work I wanted to do on the sprite manager. I have just released the source code (v 1.1.4). The changes are transparent for users but internally the display manager has been entirely rewritten. Now, the OP list is divided in 8 lists and branch objects are used to optimise bus access. I have made some quick tests and managed to reach about 480 sprites at 60 Hz and 570 sprites at 50 Hz. In practice, I think that 350-400 sprites is more reasonable.
  20. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Question: Pourquoi ai-je dans la tête l'idée que la hauteur des sprites zoomés doit être décrémentée de 1? Je crois me rappeler l'avoir lu quelque part mais je ne me rappelle plus où... quelqu'un saurait-il m'en dire plus?
  21. Happy New Year !! 2008 Is Coming !!

    Happy new year !!!
  22. Removers Lib And Visual Studio Express?

    Well, I have to find some time to spend on this (I am playing a bit too much during these holydays...) but I hope the new sprite manager will be ready for january 2008 I'll give more details when it will be about to be released. (but I really hope this will work as I expect)
  23. Always Anniv !

    un peu en retard mais un très bon anniversaire MK
  24. Merry Xmas 2007 !!

    Merry Xmas ! If only Santa Claus could bring me a JagCF