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  1. Happy New Year !!

    Happy new year !!
  2. Looking For Musician

    Yes absolutely. And it doesn't suffer from several bugs of Sinister routine (there might be other bugs )
  3. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

  4. [project W] A Warlord-like Game Demo

    All the credits go to Fadest. My contrib is almost empty...
  5. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    bon anniversaire 0
  6. 10 000 Posts ! Congratulations !

    10020 now
  7. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    bon anniversaire Orion, encore en retard
  8. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Bon anniversaire, un peu en retard.
  9. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Hola, bon anniversaire mon Fred, en retard. J'espère que ça t'inspire de jouer à PES
  10. Gpu Dmaen Bit Breaks Storep

    I didn't even know about this flag Thanks for pointing that thus. While reading the description, I also read the following warning (in Jag_v8) So let's deviate from the original subject Does it mean that for leaving an interruption handler, the sample code given by Atari does not always work? Remember that the sample code (given by Atari) is: int_serv: movei GPU_FLAGS,r30; point R30 at flags register load (r30),r29; get flags bclr 3,r29; clear IMASK bset 11,r29; and interrupt 2 latch load (r31),r28; get last instruction address addq 2,r28; point at next to be executed addq 4,r31; updating the stack pointer jump (r28); and return store r29,(r30); restore flags Is the restore flags instruction is at the good place? If I understand correctly the warning, they say that is is not safe to put the last store after the jump. This theory is consistent with the following remark (found in bug sections) Does anybody have experienced such things? I may have a (random) bug related to this.
  11. Mariaud Is In Da Place !!

    Ah zut, un peu en retard. Happy birthday quand même !
  12. Birthday Again ? This Time It's To Templeton

    Bon anniversaire les frangins
  13. And Yet Another !

    Happy birthday Symm mmyS yadhtrib yppaH
  14. The Removers'library Is Back

    Just to announce a major update of the Jaguar C library and the Removers library. As I am a lazy guy, go read the details there: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...t&p=1520793 or (in french) http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=91336&p=3 Cheers
  15. Blitter Timing

    Thanks, I forgot this point. So basically, I would like to compare DRAM->DRAM in PIXEL mode (DEPTH16) to DRAM -> GPU in PIXEL mode (still DEPTH16) GPU -> DRAM in PHRASE mode (which is 39 cycles/phrase if I have understood correcly)
  16. Blitter Timing

    Assuming that resolution is DEPTH16 What about DRAM->DRAM in PIXEL mode In particular, I wonder whether DRAM->DRAM in PIXEL mode is faster or slower than DRAM->GPU (fast access) in PIXEL mode (assuming that it is correcly aligned to work: edit: by the way, does fast access work in pixel mode with DEPTH16) GPU (fast access) -> DRAM in PHRASE mode ie we blit in two times, using the GPU RAM as intermediate buffer Thanks edit: and thus, what about normal (slow) access DRAM -> GPU in PIXEL mode : 7 * 4 = 28 cycles/phrase if I have understood correctly what precedes GPU -> DRAM in PHRASE mode : 11 cycles/phrase according to the benchmark above so, that would be 39 cycles/phrase and, depending on the answer to the question, DRAM -> GPU in PIXEL mode : 7 * 4 = 28 cycles/phrase if I have understood correctly what precedes GPU (fast access) -> DRAM in PHRASE mode
  17. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    I just quickly tested this morning and I was too lazy to recompile it but I'll try that. If I manage to get lazarus working on my PC, I will even try to fix the problem of ADDC (and probably SUBC too)
  18. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    I have just tested it. It works even with wine under linux!! This is really a cool app, thank you Orion! I found a bug: ADDC is not correctly emulated. Looking at the source, I think you update the Carry FLAG too early. (ie before doing the addition !)
  19. le GPU

    A question about the GPU (or DSP)... Can a division operation be interrupted? Will it work correctly if during the interruption, other divisions are performed?
  20. Jagcode 2 Entries

    Yes. Ok. Thank you for the details
  21. Encore Un Anniversaire...

    on m'aurait mentiiiiii ?
  22. Encore Un Anniversaire...

    Bon anniversaire SCPCD
  23. Audio Pitfalls

    Just tested this morning and this is (really) true! I find strange that this bug is not (AFAIK) documented anywhere else.
  24. Jagcode 2 Entries

    Interesting. But this works just because you know that any sprite is at most on two strips, doesn't it?
  25. Audio Pitfalls

    Interesting. Thanks for the fix