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  1. Jaguar Image Converter

    Would love to learn the final word of the story. Cyrano, could you please post the piece of code you are using? I can post mine if you wish (but it uses my library). Anyway, I fixed a bug in my converter. The 15 bits mode were flawed, thanks for having spotted that (even if it seems it might be by accident ) The bad news is that I have to recompile a Windows compatible version if I want to make a binary distrib...
  2. Jaguar Image Converter

    yes, these are 320x200 images (this should correspond to the bmp you posted above)
  3. Jaguar Image Converter

    Are these four images correct? (these are ASM files, to include in a source file) space.zip
  4. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    One possible solution for you Windows users is possibly to install a linux distro on a virtual machine (eg Virtual Box). It depends on the fact that your own PC is recent/powerful or not...
  5. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    Could be fun, indeed.
  6. Jaguar Image Converter

    Subsidiary question: how to view CRY15/RGB15 picture on a Jag? I naively thought it was just needed to add VARMOD when setting VMODE, but it does not seem to work as I expect...
  7. Jaguar Image Converter

    so it is really CRY16 mode? I would have said that it is CRY15 which is buggy (clearly, there is a mistake in it since pixel value is always ORed with 0x1 in this case)
  8. Jaguar Image Converter

    When you say "always", does it really mean always or is it only for CRY 16 bits?
  9. Jaguar Image Converter

    is there any CRY viewers on computers? or should I test on a real Jaguar? just to be sure I have understood correctly, the command that produces a wrong result is: ./converter.opt -cry --16-bits space.bmp isn't it? but ./converter.opt -cry --15-bits space.bmp works fine? Note: I would be less surprised if it was the contrary...
  10. Jaguar Image Converter

    Ok, I'll investigate that, maybe at the AC next week-end
  11. 4 bitplanes color killer !!

    tout pareil, bon anniv les frèrots
  12. Highscore link :

    Do not forget also Diamjag Atomic Reloaded
  13. Cartridge dumping tool

  14. Happy Birthday !!!

    Joyeux anniversaire Odie!
  15. Superfly DX

    Great work guys!
  16. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    While surfing on Reboot website, I wanted to download PROJECT1.ROM but unfortunately, the link seems to be broken. Could you repair that?
  17. Pour les programmeurs, la page d'Another World donne une bonne idée de ce à quoi ressemble le langage de scripts. J'ai un peu des doutes sur le fait qu'on ait vraiment envie de programmer dans ce langage...
  18. Bah a priori, oui c'est tout à fait envisageable... sauf qu'il faudrait recoder les outils de développement qui vont avec car sans, ça me parait un peu hardcore. (en particulier un éditeur de polygones et un éditeur de scripts) Aussi, plutôt que d'utiliser exactement la même machine virtuelle (ie le même langage de scripts), j'en profiterai pour corriger certains aspects du langage avant de m'en servir pour un nouveau jeu.
  19. Hello, et bienvenu sur le forum. Concernant le portage d'Another World (puisque c'est moi qui l'ai fait), on avait certes les sources ASM 68k qu'Eric Chahi nous avait donné mais je suis finalement reparti de zéro et j'ai réécrit en C toutes les parties non critiques et en ASM GPU et DSP les parties critiques (dessin de polygones, son). Donc il ne s'agit pas "juste" d'une recompilation dans le cas d'Another World. Mais dans ce cas précis, le portage a été finalement assez facile à faire car le jeu lui-même est écrit dans un langage de script: il a donc suffi de porter la machine à interpréter les scripts (ce qui inclue quelques routines graphiques et sonores) Note: le jeu est porté (il reste un peu de finition à faire, surtout concernant le son) mais pas encore diffusé...
  20. Hello, I'll try to translate my post of yesterday in the french speaking zone. (see http://www.jagware.org/index.php?showtopic=255) So, as I said, I played a little with the blitter and discovered how to make rotations with it Actually, the method is (vaguely) described in the Atari documentation but I understood it once I reinvented the method And by the way, the authors of the Jaguar Underground Documentation hadn't understood how to do... because it is not possible to have holes as they say. The idea is to use A2 as the destination register. We will simply scan the zone where we want to write the rotated data and we will fetch the corresponding graphics data with A1 which will scan the source sprite. I define W as being the width of the sprite and H its height. So, imagine we want to rotate a sprite of an angle alpha. If we define X',Y' as being the new coordinates and X,Y being the old ones (where the coordinates are expressed from the centre of the rotation at CX,CY and with axis parallel to the screen) you probably remember from your maths course that X = X' cos(alpha) - Y' sin(alpha) Y = X' sin(alpha) + Y' cos(alpha) now, what happens if X' change by one (ie becomes X'+1) then X becomes X+cos(alpha) and Y becomes Y+sin(alpha) so here we get the increment to use in the inner loop! Thus, we have INC,FINC_X = cos(alpha) INC,FINC_Y = sin(alpha) well, good point! Now, what happens if Y' becomes Y'+1 and X' changes by -W In this case, we have X' becomes X' -W * cos(alpha) - sin(alpha) and Y' becomes Y - W*sin(alpha) + cos(alpha) This gives us the value to put in step values for the outer loop! STEP,FSTEP_X = -W*cos(alpha) - sin(alpha) STEP,FSTEP_Y = -W*sin(alpha) + cos(alpha) Now, we do not want to write garbage data when the A1 pointer leaves out the original sprite, so we use clipping We set: CLIP_X = W CLIP_Y = H and the last thing to compute is the coordinate where to start for A1 after computation, we get PIXEL,FPIXEL_X = CY*sin(alpha) - CX*cos(alpha) + CX PIXEL,FPIXEL_Y = CY - (CX*sin(alpha) + CY*cos(alpha)) In case, I have not been clear enough, see the source code I have posted in the french speaking zone the function get_cos_and_sin takes in d1 the angle and returns the value 16.16 of the cosinus (d1) and the sinus (d2) for that angle. FInally, feel free to ask any questions if this remains obfuscated for you Seb
  21. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    Why not? This could be a good start, even if it infriges a bit the "do not submit copyrighted work" policy. If I remember correcltly, you wan ask for an account directly on Jagopedia website. I'll validate your subscription afterwards. (Otherwise, we'll see by PM maybe)
  22. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    That's what I planned when I started Jagopedia (http://jagopedia.atari.org) If you wish to contribute, I open an account for you.
  23. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    By the way, you may be interested by looking at the source code of the renderer I have written for my library. I have learnt a lot of things about the blitter while doing this (especially Gouraud/Zbuffer/...) Unfortunately, I am too lazy (for the moment) to rewrite a more efficient a renderer (ideas are written on paper though).
  24. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    Nice to hear that it helped you!
  25. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Good point CyranoJ regarding the original tools (I am a very conservative guy by the way... I tend to use original tools or config whenever I can) I'll have a look at your setup in the next days.